title: Kayaking Waldron Page 3


Preparing dinner the first night.

Becky cooking brattwurst, while the ginger carrots simmer.


A container ship headed for Canada.

Looking north, a container ship moves up boundary pass for Vancouver, B.C.


Kayaks, sitting above high tide on logs.

In the morning light, the kayaks glow as they rest on logs above high tide.


John calls on VHF.

John uses VHF to try to get ahold of club members on nearby Sucia Island.


title: circumnavigating Waldron Island


Departing for a circut of the island.

After breakfast, we headed out in mirror-like conditions to do the 11 mile circuit of Waldron Island.


We examine a reef growing on the sandstone.

We paddle around a barnacle reef growing on the sandstone. In the clear water, we could see Dungeness Crabs among the seaweed.


Formations etched into the rock.

As on Sucia Island, the water has etched formations in the rock. Some of these holes are formed by fossils dissolving out of the sandstone.


Don W. against formations.

Don W. pauses by a set of formations.


Olympic mountains visible.

As we head south, the Olympic Mountain are visible behind Orcas and San Juan Islands.


Guillemot seabirds.

A flock of Guillemot seabirds take to wing as we approach their ledge.


Pier at Cowlitz Bay.

Cowlitz Bay sports one of only two docks on Waldron Island. Above the pier is the Waldron Post Office.


The Waldron Post Office

The Waldron Post Office used to be on the east side of the island, but the mining companies moved it to the south west side to be out of winter storms.


Post Office 2

Still in use, the Waldron Post Office sports its own zip code.


Post Office 3

A view like this makes the Post Office a good place to just hang out.


Don S. practicing rolls.

Don S. took the time in Cowlitz Bay to practice his rolls.


Departing the Post Office.

After a snack and water, we moved on.



Fishery Poing

Our last stop on our circumnavigation was at Fishery Point.


Pulling onto the beach.

This little beach between rocks was used variously as a smelt fishing operation, and then as the retirement home for a couple who traveled the U.S. doing vaudeville shows. Much of their home is still intact.


Our group at Fishery Point

Our group at Fishery Point.


The stove

A pot bellied stove in the cabin.


Cook stove

The wood cook stove.



Mt. Baker lit by the setting sun.

As we traverse the north side of Waldron Island, Mt. Baker is highlighted by the late afternoon sun.



We relax after our 11 mile paddle before starting dinner.


Dutch oven dinner.

Becky does a killer smoked salmon fettuccine in her dutch oven.


Marianne makes a fire.

Marianne made a fire that warmed us into the evening.



John and Don S. settle in by the fire.

John and Don S. settle in by the fire.


The End

It was an altogether complete weekend, with physical exercise, relaxation, and total peace and quiet. Our thanks goes to John for allowing us to share his delightful retreat.

Don Webster