title: A walk on Waldron, continued.


Waldron International Airport

Waldron International Airport is a grass strip with trees on all four sides.


Waldron Airport Terminal, Gate 3

Waldron Airport Terminal, Gate 3


Airport guidelines.

The posted airport guidelines convey the community's preference towards peace and quiet.


John tells us stories about Waldron.

John loves his get-away and has been involved in Waldron for many years. He made a wonderful tour guide.


Fire truck and ambulance.

At the ready are a fire truck and an ambulance. With little to no phone service on much of the island, finding a driver may be the challenge.



The cemetery is peaceful, and in summer, studded with wild flowers.


Caretakers in the cemetary.

This couple has decided to weed and care for some of the neglected plots.



John tells more stories.

Time passes quickly as we listen to John's stories.


The road disappears into the trees.

Interstate 1 on Waldron, one of the old mining roads.



Truck in the woods.

With gasoline a scarce commodity, vehicles are lightly used and seldom upgraded.


Waldron School

Waldron School.


An earlier one-room school house.

An earlier one-room school house.


School playground equipment.

Old style playground equipment.


The teeter totter.

And, yes, a teeter totter.



Climbing tree

An inviting climbing tree at the school.


The walk ended on the beach.

Back on the beach, one more story.