Grant and Heather's Wedding



And so it was that on January 4, 2003, that Grant Schmitke and Heather Bright were married at the Battleground Baptist Church in Battleground, Washington.  It was a wedding that those in attendance will remember as beautiful, warm and meaningful.

The reception was held at the Red Lion Hotel at the Quay.  The evening activities were backed by appropriate music provided by the DJ.  A roast beef buffet dinner allowed celebrants to visit with a select group at their table, before moving on to the other events.


Shawn and Denise Garden

Of course no one is prouder of the bride and the groom, nor more relieved than the parents.  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bright missed no detail in their preparation for the big event, and they were ably assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Schmitke.


Glenn and Delcine Schmitke   

Weddings are a family affair, and there were plenty of relatives of both the bride and the groom present.  Many of the guests were members of the Battleground Baptist Church, or had connections in the greater Vancouver area, so there was an easy affinity among those present.

Grant's older sister, Laura, moved among the tables, visiting as much as possible, but also chasing young Hailey and Morgan.

A reception would not be complete without suitably roasting the bride and groom, and Grant's older brother, Ben, was happy to do his duty. 
Parting is such sweet sorrow, especially for the newlyweds. 


We want to wish Grant and Heather Schmitke all the best as they embark on their special journey.


Don Webster 


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