A Visit by Glen and Delcine

Dick and Flo, Pat, Glen and Delcine.

With the advent of the Tulip Festival, we were please to be able to show Glen and Delcine our charming part of the world.  It was  also a chance for Delcine to see her brother, my father.  On their first afternoon, we we took a leisurely drive through Washington Park, and then back home, with tummies full of corned beef and cabbage, we carried the conversation into the evening.  

The following day, Glen and Delcine had breakfast with Dad and Mom, and then we did the tour of Fidalgo Island.  That evening, we joined the Moehl clan for the Chinese buffet in Oak Harbor, where Delcine tried her first, and perhaps last, eye watering mouth of sushi.  At least, the rest of us had tears in our eyes watching the expressions on her face.

On their last day, the ladies visited the extensive quilt show in Anacortes, and then we all rendezvoused to see the tulips in the fields of Mt. Vernon.  After lunch at the Calico Cafe, Glen and Delcine made their way back to Vancouver to celebrate Easter with the rest of their family.


Glen and Delcine viewing the islands from Mt. Erie.


Exploring the crags of Rossario Park.

Mt. Baker Highway.




Delcine and sister-in-law Flo at the quilt show.




Glen capturing some tulips on film.



Delcine, Glen, Pat and Don.



Good conversation at the Calico Cafe.







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