Thanksgiving 2016


Children not peeking.


In November, 2016, family and friends gathered at the Skyline Beach Club for our annual Thanksgiving Celebration. Amidst the flurry of getting a major dinner toghether, it is a time of visiting, playing games, watching football, and assessing how the family has evolved and changed over the past year. Once again, the dinner was amazing, showing lots of love and time that was put into it.

On a technical note, the photographer received some critique that the candid photos in previous webpages, perhaps didn't always portray the best aspects of its subjects. While the photographer expressed that indeed the least flattering photos were excluded, in an effort to fully disclose that fact, the photographer presents below those photos that certainly would never appear on a website.



A bit of serious coloring.


Playing cards

Intellectual jousting.


Carol and Steve relaxing.

Catching a break amidst dinner preparations.


JJ taking a call

JJ in the watch football pose.

Tammy and Max

Tammy strikes a natural pose.

Jon and Ed

Good conversation with hors d' ouvres.

Max and Graeme

Enjoying a grandson.


Jen and karmen

Conversation less hors d' ouvres.


Penny and Pat

Penny and Pat catch up.


Dar and Flo

Dar and Flo note the interruption.


Zach with Saxaphone

Music by Zach has become a family tradition.

Carol directs the dinner.

Carol orchestrated the dinner this year.


Waiting for dinner

Followers and leaders.


A quiet falls on the room,

Eating 2

and a satisfaction settles in.

Style points

Don took the style points.

Eating 3.

Then, slowly the conversation resumes,

Kids eathing.

and smiles appear

Eating 4

... over an extended period of time.


The after dinner relaxation,

birthday cake

and desert, in this case in the form of Don's 70th birthday cake.

Girls relaxing