Thanksgiving 2013



Ed carving the turkey.

Once again our Anacortes family joined at Jon and Jen's for our Thanksgiving time together. Here, Ed carves the turkey he has spent the afternoon grilling in his BBQ.


Kathi and Jen pose.

Kathi and Jen do their mother-daughter pose.


Flo with great-grandson.

Flo shows old family photos to her great-grandson, Chase. Having broken a hip last month, Flo had just gotten permission to weight-bear, which enabled her to come in the car to enjoy Thanksgiving with the family.


Cooks pose in fromt of the dinner.

With fine synergy, these many cooks make much more than just fine broth.


The table.

The dinner begins with a great deal of passing and reaching, adding the condiments to make the plate just right. Then, for a time, it gets very quiet.


The agony and ecstasy.

After eating, and visiting, and eating, comes the Agony and the Ecstasy.


then, too Vancouver.


Cooks in Vancouver.

In Vancouver, Pat and I enjoyed Thanksgiving with Pat's side of the family. Here are Sarah, Jean and Kathy.


Kathy and Jean make the gravy.

Mother and daughter visit while they cook.


Sarah, Ryan and Pat.

Catching up before dinner. We had not seen Sarah and Ryan for several years.



My brother-in-law , Mike, is always interesting and inspiring.


Jean and Don

Jean's career has taken her back east, so it was good to catch up with my niece.


Sarah and Ryan

Sarah and Ryan


At the table.

and, the family table.


The End