A Thanksgiving Gathering



Steve and Leah

Steve and Leah arrive for the Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving, 2012, and once again it is time for the family to spend time in remembering the blessings of another year. Here is a glimpse of the gathering of Moehls, Vandershuurs, Websters and Franklins on this special day.


Carol unwrapping the turkey.

Carol unwraps the turkey bag.


Pat and Ed talk on the couch.

Ed shows Pat a video from Germany.


The cooks take a bow.

Here is an assembly of cooks who prepared the extraveganza. Missing is Zach, who did the mashed potatoes, and Steve, who deep fried a turkey. We also had a BBQ turkey from Ed, and a brined and roasted turkey, thanks to Kathy and Jen. Both Zach and Michelle made cookies.


Kathy and Zach

After Ed gave thanks, the loading of plates began, here Kathy and Zach.


JJ and Michelle.

Michelle too, ponders the many choices, assisted by her father, JJ.


Others line up with plates.

Much like vultures, Rob and Nick patiently wait, knowing that ample will remain. Great Grandma Flo gets her plate.


Dorothy and Jen load plates.

Not the least like vultures, Dorothy and Jen watch the reactions by the assembly to their carefully prepared offerings.



The kids' table.

The young diners are busy at their own table.



The guys line up.

The bulk loading begins.



Ed, Pat and Flo.

Others are more careful in their choices.



The ladies.

Rapt attention paid to the mother-in-law.



Marty with food.

As with everything else in life, eating is a competition.



Flo, Darlene and JJ, eathing.

After the hunger is dissipated a bit, the conversation begins to flow.



The long table.

Overlapping conversation. Steve is rudely texting.



The aftermath

Completely engorged, the males have lost all predatory instinct.



Chase looking sporty.

Chase ready to go out on the town.


Jon doing dishes.


After desert, the cleanup begins...

Jen does doggie bags.


and leftovers divided.



The End