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Bride at barn door.

The bride at the barn door.

Three of the bride's maids

Four of the bride's maids anticipate the ceremony.


Marty and Tammy were married on July 3, 2011, in a classic red barn in Chehalis, Washington. Here is a collection of candid photos to supplement the more formal pictures taken by the photographers. Appreciation goes to Christina Applegate, Darlene Sorensen and Eduard Moehl who provided additional photos for this collection.


Procession, steve

The procession, the groom and his father.



The groomsmen.


The flower girl.

The flower girl, mother of the bride watching.


Bride and father down the aisle.


The bride and her father.


Groom waiting


Groom and mother watching the procession.

Photo: Christina Applegate




Tammy and Marty say their vows.

Photo: Christina Applegate




The kiss.

Photo: Christina Applegate


Husband and Wife


Husband and Wife

Photo: Christina Applegate