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Cutting the cake.

Cutting the cake.


Tammy feeds Marty the cake.

Eating the cake.



The bridal party at the head table, tilting their heads.

The author takes no responsibility for the tilt of the wedding party.


Brothers confide

Brothers confide.

Bridesmaids gossip

Ladies gossip.


Tammy and Mary are roasted.

The Roast.



Eric and Becky give a toast.

Close friends...

Steve gives a toast.

share a toast.


The shoe game.

The shoe game.


Removing the garter.

The wager was for $100....


Garter removed.

...that Marty would'nt remove the garter with his teeth.


The get-away amidst soap bubbles.

Amidst soap bubbles, the newlyweds make their get-away.