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Descending the stairs

Leaving the ceremony for photos and reception.


Path to the grove for photos

Down the path to the grove for photos.

Family follow for photos.

Family follow for photos.


The happy bridal party kisses.

The bridal party shows their joy.


Groom's mother and aunt.

The groom's mother and aunt.


Groom's nephews and niece.

Groom's nephews and niece.


Bride's maids readying to pose.


Readying to strike the pose.


Bride's maids and couple strike the pose.


Striking the pose.


Couple with maids, formal.


The pose.


Couple with Tammy's father and stepmother.


Couple with father and stepmother.


Bride's family


The bride's family.




Pat and Leah

Leah and Pat enjoying the ambiance.


Eric and Pat

Eric and Pat

Photos on the path.


Mishi on path