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The week of December 14, 2008, has brought a series of snow falls and cold temperatures to the Pacific Northwest which have already exceeded the record winter of 1990-91.  If two more inches fall, the area will exceed the winter of 1861, which was the most severe snowfall on record for Seattle.  To be fair, the total accumulation so far is about a foot, which is a bad afternoon in Minnesota.  However, for the Pacific Northwest, an area which thrives in endless rain and gloomy weather, a foot of snow is absolutely paralyzing.  To help remember this occasion, I thought a few pictures were in order.


Steve's forlorn truck.


Our neighbor, Carleen, caught this young buck

quizzically eyeing the family cat.


Sam and Deb's house.

Front walk.


Tugboat Park.

Beach at Skyline.



LaConner Channel.

Snowshoes and skis both seen downtown.

Attractive home in old Anacortes.



Cape Sante Marina.



Tanker waiting off-load.



Anacortes sunset.

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