Morrison Academy is a Christian, international school, located in Taichung, Taiwan, which has provided an education to the children of missionaries, military families and business families since 1954. Alumni typically remember the school not only for its quality education, but for close friendships that were made within its unique, third culture setting. Like all schools, it developed traditions, one being the Senior Sneak. It was an opportunity for members of the senior class to slip off quietly for a weekend away from campus, a last opportunity for the graduating class to cement friendships before disbursing literally across the world for their higher education.

The class of 1964, was the first class to leave the island of Taiwan for its senior sneak. With the help of the U.S. Air Force, which provided a C-46 airplane, as well as military lodging at it's remote base in Makung, the main city of the Pescadores Islands, the class was able to fly away to a beach setting which was remote, not touristy, and beautiful. Here are some photographs to remember that last adventure as a class.


Map of Pescaddores

The Pescadores Islands (Portuguese name, Penghu Chinese name) lie in the Taiwan Strait about thirty miles west of Taiwan. A 10,000' runway was built by the U.S. Air Force in the 1950s at Makung, which is still used as a divert field by airliners flying to Hong Kong from the United States and other countries.



A C-46 carried us the short distance offshore to Makung.


After checking into the Air Force barracks, we immediately adjourned to the beach, riding in an Air Force pick-up truck.
Carol McClain, Andy Dale, Dan Lawton, Roy Harrington, Roger Massey (white T shirt) Barbara Pearson.



Boats in the natural bay.

Near the barracks was a natural bay with a beautiful beach.


Andy on the beach

Andy Dale finds a suitable spot to hang out.


Andy Johnson and Roger Massey

Andy Johnson and Roger Massey at the beach.


David Tharpe and Dorothy Johnson

David Tharpe and Dorothy Johnson start to capture the ambiance.



Lynn Sturgess and Donna McCullough

Donna McCullough was a chaperon, with Lynn Sturgess.



Randy Rodd and Bruce MacInnis

Randy Rodd and Bruce MacInnis.



Randy Rodd and Bruce MacInnis.


Lynn and Dorothy

Lynn and Dorothy acess the suntan.


Jim Miller

Jim Miller surrounded by feet.


Margi and Dan Lawton

Margi and Dan on the ride back to the barracks.


Bruce and Randy

Bruce and Randy on the truck.



The trucks took us to the beach several times.


Fishermen on the beach.

A fishing community was at the left side of the beach, with their smaller boats pulled up onto the sand.


Fishing boats

The larger motorized fishing boats lay at anchor in the quiet water.


Sun setting on the beach

The sun got low and changed the complexion of the water and sand.



Bruce and Margi at sunset

Bruce and Margi take the final swim before heading back to the barracks for dinner and a movie.



The two full days went all too fast, but they are days that the classmates will never forget. More than five decades later, the class of '64 is mostly in touch, and still share stories of their years at Morrison Academy.


Don Webster