title-Lopez Island

Starting out for Lopez Island.

On a calm, sunny morning, we head for the shops on Lopez Island.


We were looking for an easy paddle for day three. The group would be starting to head home in the afternoon, and the previous day's circumnavigation left us all with ample aerobic points. So, the suggestion to go to Lopez Island for ice cream, provided us with a short two mile paddle and gave us plenty of motivation to get there. Most of the islands have little to no shopping. Shaw has one store. Lopez has about ten commercial shops and restaurants. Orcas Island has more and San Juan Island has the town of Friday Harbor. The conditions were great; flat water and sunny skies. The only challenge was to buck a 2.5 mile/hr current as we crossed Upright Channel. That was a workout, but once we hugged the far shore we were out of most of the current and again moved well.


John's boat reflects in the smooth water.

The glassy conditions made for some nice photos.


We pull up to the clam ridden beach on western Lopez.

We pull up to the clam ridden beach below the Lopez Island shopping district.


Shops on Shaw Island

The shopping area on Lopez Island.


The loft on Lopez.

This old loft is a Lopez Island landmark.


Lopez shops

Another view of the small commercial area. Many of the clients arrive by bicycle to do their bit of shopping.


Our paddle back to Shaw Island was uneventful. We broke camp and put the kayaks on the cars for the trip home. It was another memorable outing, with beautiful scenery, good exercise, in the company of new and old friends.


Final view of the beach at Indian Bay.

Agnes walks the beach at Indian Cove one last time.


Geese on the road.

As we approached the Shaw ferry dock, we came on a flock of geese enjoying the sun in the middle of the road. They showed no interest in leaving and we had to creep the car forward before they indignantly waddled down to the water.



The Shaw Store.

The Shaw store located at the ferry dock. Here one can buy basic items, including ice.


Gary waiting at the dock.

Gary takes in the view as we wait for the ferry.


The ferry came on time, and after a stop at Orcas Island, we headed home.


Title- The End

By Don Webster