The Circumnavigation- title


On our second day the plan was to circumnavigate Shaw Island. It was about 13 miles of paddling, depending on how many bays we explored. We decided to do this clockwise so as to take advantage of favorable winds and current in the San Juan Channel, and to avoid strong winds in that channel in the afternoon. It was cloudy and a bit gloomy when we started out, but by mid-morning the clouds started to thin and we enjoyed sunshine in the afternoon.


Heading our from Indian Cove.

Heading out from our campsite at Indian Cove.



A family of sealions enjoy their rocky retreat.


First rest stop.

Our first rest stop on the west side of Shaw Island. The San Juan Channel is wide enough that even an eight knot wind creates fetch enough to provide waves on the shoreline.


Lunch stop at the northwest point of Shaw.

In a couple of hours we rounded the northwest point of Shaw Island and found a quiet promentory to have lunch. San Juan Island is in the background.


A vulture eating a fish.

As we ate lunch, a vulture glided down with a fish and ate it in the rocks beside us.


Strong current.

As we paddled eastbound along the top shoreline of Shaw Island, we bucked a strong current for awhile which held us almost motionless. Eventually, we could duck into the small bays and paddle easily in the eddy, which went the opposite direction of the current.



Blind Island rest stop.

We eventually made it through the current and did our final rest stop at Blind Island.