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Morgan group

Hailey, Keith, Neta, Jean, Mary and Darrel listen to the memories.


Group piano

Heather sings, "Each for the Other," a song sung at their wedding 50 years ago.


Group window

Dennis, Ellen, Elery and Flora.


Group candy

Kaye, Ralph, Jim and Judy.



Pastor Epp and Ema Jean visit while Teri, and two Marilyn's look on.


Group walker

Robby, Vivian, Jeff, Teri and the the Marilyns.


Ladies quilt

Ladies Delcine quilt ?


Laura and Ginny

Laura and Ginny deliberate.



Hailey and Morgan pass out the cake.

Hailey and Morgan pass out the cake.


Glenn cake

Glenn visits ? 14.


Mic 1

? speaks 15.

Benji at the mic

Benji brought humor as well as feeling with his words.



Delcine and Glenn listen to their son.