Title 50th


In November, 2016, family and friends gathered at Battleground Baptist Church, in Battleground, Washington, to celebrate the fifty years of marriage of Glenn and Delcine. When they met in the mid 1960's, Delcine was a recent implant to the state of Washington, while Glenn was a lifetime resident of Battleground. They met through church, and over time came to realize that they had a complementary faith and world view and over time a romance evolved. They were married in the ? Church, and settled down in Vancouver, Washington.

Three children, five grandchildren and fifty years later, we come to this celebration of a wonderful and committed life, focused and guided by their abiding faith in Jesus Christ. Here are some photos to help preserve the moment.


Delcine and three.

Delcine welcoming Neta, Keith and Mary.


Laura and Benji

Glenn and Delcine's oldest, Laura and Ben.

Glenn's sister.

Glenn's sister, Barbara, welcomes the guest.


Glenn's brother

Glenn's brother, David, Ellen and Dennis with Glenn.


Delcine crowd

Guests arrive to celebrate the anniversary.


Punch bowl

Volunteers help with serving the guests.


Delcine's quilt is a backdrop to Vickie and Dorothy.

Delcine and one

Delcine visits with June.


Glenn' sister and others.

A lively visit between Ema, Jean, Louise, Allen and Kathryn.


The five

Debbie, Dan, Les, Brian and Melody.


Laura leads the celebration.

Daughter, Laura served as Master of Ceremonies.


Getting ready to cut the cake.

Getting ready to cut the cake which repicates their cake fifty years earlier.


The cake

Margaret shares a memory.


Robert and Laura

Nephew Robert says a few words.

Heather at piano

Heather sings, "More."


Grant and the kids.

Grant with the grandkids.


Grant recognizes his parents.

Grant recognizes his parents.


Laura and Heather

Heather speaks fondly of her in-laws.


Cutting the cake.

Time to cut the cake.