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Unfortunately, time was passing and we had to press on to get the most out of Bryan’s 12 days.  We headed out the next morning for Guernsey in the Channel Islands. (Guernsey is part of the UK although immediately off the coast of France.  Taken by King John in 1061 when he fled France…)  

While still 5 hrs out we did a quick tide calculation which showed that we’d make the islands at low tide and wouldn’t be able to get into the harbor.  So, we diverted to Cherbourg, France and spent 6 hrs showering, sleeping and eating pastries before pressing on.  There seemed to be a disproportionate number of wine and alcohol shops on the quay and Bryan explained that many Brits make booze runs from England to Cherbourg in their boats as it’s the closest point across the channel and alcohol is about 2/3rds the price in France.





Il de Brehat

Once in Guernsey we handed in our Value Added Tax receipts to get them stamped for a refund.  (Foreigners are not required to pay the 17.5% VAT if they take their purchased goods with them when they leave the EU.)  The following day we rested then motored (no wind) to Il De Brehat 7hrs away where we anchored for the night by a massive Chateaux on the waterfront.  After that we backtracked to St. Malo where we are now.  Bryan caught a ferry back across the Channel to England this morning (2 June).  Our plan is to spend a few days in St Malo catching up on sleep and sightseeing before returning to Il Brehat and carrying on around to Brest. 


St. Malo



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Map of Hamble to Lymington

Map of English Channel  Star is at Honfleur.  Fecamp is just north.  Map is interactive so you can move in, out and around.  

Map of Brittany   Centered on Saint Malo, France.  Map is interactive.


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