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France it was.  We set sail 25 May in the morning and had a reasonably good 16 hr sail across the English Channel to FeCamp, France.  Unfortunately Deb suffered a bit from sea sickness and Kaizen kept saying “I feel sick too” then trying to sniffle convincingly.  The poor guy wanted to share his mom’s sea sickness but wasn’t sure what part should hurt, so had to improvise…




Crossing the English Channel.

Cliffs of FeCamp, France.




After FeCamp which was a very picturesque fishing town we worked our way south to a small town called HonFluer which could only be cleared at high tide through a lock.   As this was our first trip through a lock I was apprehensive we’d get locked in with a big fishing trawler and crushed against the seawall as the water rushed in to raise us to the level of the other side.  As it turned out we were the biggest vessel and all went smoothly.


After clearing the lock we motored ahead towards a footbridge which was lifted so we could get through with our 55ft mast.  On the other side was a perfectly shaped rectangle of water with docks lined around the edges for yachts.  Around this rectangle was a medieval (literally) town.  The place was straight out of a fairy tale.

Instructor Bryan and Sam negotiating the HonFluer Lock.


HonFluer Drawbridge




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Map of Hamble to Lymington

Map of English Channel  Star is at Honfleur.  Fecamp is just north.  Map is interactive so you can move in, out and around.  

Map of Brittany   Centered on Saint Malo, France.  Map is interactive.


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