Chapter 12-  September 30, 2005

Debryn Webster


It’s obvious writer’s block came my way…  Tomorrow is October and come to think of it, with my procrastination you’re probably reading this in….December?  Since July we’ve been to Spain, returned to France to watched another stage of the Tour de France, had a wonderful 2-week visit from Doug, suffered a rather long bout of seasickness (Sam believes it’s partially psychological—those are the moments I want to bop him over the head!), traveled into Portugal and had a great week with Eric (Sam’s nephew), caught fish (finally!) and had another birthday.  With so many different experiences I don’t know what would be most interesting to write about.  Frankly our lives have taken on a rather routine, boring schedule that is just part of our day to day tempo.  Perhaps that is because I’ve been in this same port for going on three weeks.  Sam has been away for 10 days to the US and returns tomorrow.  Kaizen and I are in Cascais, a very picturesque resort town just a 30-minute train ride from Lisboa. 


Pyrenees Trail. 


Days are still blazing hot and evenings are quite cold.  There have been numerous nights that the wind has howled and the boat has rocked more than I was initially comfortable with.  Without Sam here to check and re-check things I could only imagine all the unlikely horrors that could happen to us.  i.e. all the lines suddenly breaking from the dock and sending Boo and I drifting into another boat and “Boom!” soon we’re sinking from a huge gash in our boat or perhaps a huge wave causing our boat to tip so significantly that we would be taking in water from our port windows or some other completely impossible scenario…  As you can see, I’ve never been alone on a boat overnight.  And now 10 days later all I can think is, “Silly ol’ me!”  However, I still don’t know how people can sail the world alone.  Here I am in a very sheltered marina with probably the most secure boat and my mind plays crazy tricks on me!

Photo:  Doug Habecker


Lucara Cathederal.

Lucara Cathederal, exterior.

Bayona, Spain.

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Map of Spain and Portugal

Map of Portugal  


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