Down and Up the Pacific Coast


Pacific Pinacles

Pinacles project from the Pacific shelf in Northern California.

The drive from Washington to California is common-place for many residents of the West Coast. In early Spring it can still be beautiful and there are many places to explore even for the frequent traveler. I joined my sister, Dorothy, and her husband, Ed, for a drive from Anacortes, WA to Santa Rosa, Ca, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Santa Rosa Bible Church, a church our grandfather founded. These two pages are a photo montage of our trip. They depict, not an exotic, distant realm, but rather the simple beauty of places many of us find familiar. Enjoy.


Ocean Bay

Following heavy rain, the ocean just south of Cedar City, California, is streaked with river run-off.


Elk herd

A herd of elk arises from where they bedded down next to Highway 101.


Picking Bay leaves.

Ed picks bay leaves from one of the many trees that frequent the coastal range. Dorothy will use these in her cooking.


Pot country


A landslide slid across all four lanes of Highway 101, necessitating that we take a 2 1/2 hour detour through the cattle farms and pot country north of Garberville.


Cattle in the hills.

A cattle ranch in the coastal range.

Casa Ramos restaurant, Shasta, CA

On our return trip, we adhere to a family tradition of stopping at the Casa Ramos restaurant in Shasta, CA.

Lamb shank dinner.

The reason for our stop is to feast on Borego, the stewed lamb shank which draws clients from afar for this superb meal.


Siskiyu College Fireman training.

Needing exercise to break the sitting, we pulled off at Weed, CA, to walk the trail which encircles the Siskiyu College campus. The trail ran by the fire training structure where a class was conducting practice.


Snow in the Siskiyu area.

Below the Siskiyu Mountains, there was still plenty of snow.

Snow in Weed.

Dorothy enjoying a bit of crunching through snow.


Mt. Shasta

A full on view of Mt. Shasta from the Siskiyu College parking lot.


Picking juniper berries.

Just prior to entering Oregon, Dorothy picks juniper berries. She uses these to round out a dish of cooked, German saurkraut.


Cattle in Northern California.

Cattle browse the lava strewn range just south of the Oregon border.