Emails from Friends

to Dick and Flo 

Dear Uncle Dick and Flo,too,
Always have enjoyed the thought that when Dorothy is nearby for your
birthday it is bound to be special and ...shall we say memorable! Will 
everything have been yellow this time....or red? :) 
Remember your birthday in that duplex on Washington Blvd.
in Pasadena when the boys were at Pasadena Christian? 
And now Don has prepared this wonderful photo and narrative tribute! 
Well done!

I will endeavor to get Mummy and Daddy in front of the computer to see 
this or maybe Ken can print it out at his office so they can enjoy it at leisure. 
Wonderful memories across the years and more to come no doubt!
Blessings and bushels of love,
Marion Woodward Shay

Thanks, Don.  So your Dad is approaching the big EIGHTY-FIVE!!!  (just 
3 years older than I).

I first remember your Dad when we were in Language School in Anking, 
Anhui Province in China, back in 1947.  We lived in one room, and your 
family in another room.  You and our Barbara were nearly the same age, 
and we had a common room where you children could play.  That winter was 
cold, but there was a small heater in the play-room so that you 
children wouldn't freeze to death.  Our second daughter, Bonnie, was born in 
Shanghai, just before we went up the Yangtse River by primitive, crowded 
boat, so she was just a few weeks old by that time.

When the Communists came to take over the country, we fled to Kwuiyang, 
Kueichow Province where Bill was born, and then we wee evacuated to 
Hong Kong, then to Japan, and finally to Taiwan.

We were all devastated by the death of your Mom.  I remember the 
funeral and even the songs that we sang.  But when your Dad married Flo on 
Valentine's Day, everyone agreed that it was a good match.  I hope they 
are still in good health.  God bless them and you.

(Unfortunately, I don't have a computer, so I am unable to read the 
attachments you sent.)

I read this morning in my devotions a verse that might apply to your 
Dad, but also to me:  Psalm 71:9 that says:

"Do not cast me off in the time of old age;  Do not forsake me when my 
strength fails."
It has become apparent to me that old age does indeed rob us of our 

It's hard to think of your "little" sister being a grandmother!  Then I 
realize that I now have twenty-one grandchildren and seven 
great-grandchildren.  That's what happens when your children grow 

Please remember me to your Dad on his birthday!

God bless you.         Love,      Betty Beckon


Penelope (Penny) Dale

Dick Webster – 85th Celebration



Triple C Camps – 1960 to 1976


A letter from our Andrew in the Spring of 1960 sparked the idea of summer camps for the English speaking children in Taiwan.  Donald and I had decided to bring our boys back to Taiwan for High School they had all been in boarding school in England for several years.  We had written to tell them our decision and asked for their comments.  Andrew wrote he thought it was a great idea but he would really miss the camp that he had just been to in the Easter vacation.  As we read that both Donald and I thought, well why not have camps in Taiwan for the children in the English speaking schools.


Dick and Lucille had recently started to build a camping site just outside Tainan where they had been given land for this purpose.  We immediately thought of them and wrote a prompt delivery letter to them with the idea.   A very fast return letter clinched it, yes, a camp for the English speaking kids would be planed for a week in August that very year, 1960.


When the day came for camp to begin 35 young people were registered but 55 turned up at the Mount of Olives.  Somehow we managed to fit them all in to the little dormitory space that there was at that time.  The Tainan U.S. Air Force Base personnel were extremely helpful and often brought in whole meals from the base to supplement what we could prepare in the camp kitchen.  Some of those who lived in Tainan may have had to sleep at their homes that first camp I do not remember all the details.   Before the week was over the question came up, “when can we do this again?  What about a weekend retreat during the school year?” 


So, Sunday afternoon at the first retreat we had an open competition.  All the campers were asked to go and pray that the Lord would give them ideas for a name for these retreats and camps.  These suggestions were to be written down, handed in by a certain time, and then at the evening counselor’s meeting they would be considered.  At the counselor’s meeting that Sunday evening we looked at these suggestions.  One immediately stood out to us all and was unanimously chosen.  This one came so appropriately from Don Webster.


            TRIPLE “C” CAMPS     (Christ Can Conquer became our motto).


So, the name for the camps was settled and quickly caught on all over the Island.   What originally was thought of as just summer camps became fall and spring retreats as well.  Then the Junior High kids said, “what about us?” and we began separate high school and junior high activities.  Thank you Dick for all you and Lucille did to help Triple C begin, and then you and Flo did so often in the later years.  We thank the Lord too for the many young lives who were touched by the Lord during those years and who are serving Him today around the world.


Penny Dale



Happy Birthday Dick. How time flies. To think that I first met you as a young man of 70! What an amazing tribute Don wrote about you. I loved reading every word of it as well as all the special photos that he included. By God's grace, you have been a channel of blessing to many over the past 85 years. I am but one that has been touched by your life. Let this not only be an e-mail birthday card but also my tribute to the way you have influenced me. For the past fifteen years, all that I have ever done has had your loving mark upon my life. You have been stamped with indelible ink upon my character and on any ministry that God has given or will give in the future. Webster's dictionary(our dictionary-ha,ha) defines indelible as: "not able to be erased; permanent." I was permanently changed from the moment Kathy and I began our friendship with you and Flo there in Taichung. I could tell that you were a man that "walked softly but carried a big stick." It was the walking softly that made me want to be around you. As you know, that was not my strong suit! I've always tended to be a bit impulsive and I could see that my weakness was one of your strengths. Everything you did was first bathed in prayer and then you quietly sought the Lord's will. Just being around you and the countless hours of prayer that we spent together with you and Flo, marked me with indelible ink. Our times of prayer together was soldier to soldier, engaging the enemy of our souls in spiritual combat. I knew there was no hypocrisy when we bowed our heads. Your heart was bowed to the Lordship of Christ and you lived the life that you prayed. Our family has been the benefactors of your prayers for many years. The Lord promises that: "The effective prayer of a righteous man availeth much." I know you do not claim any righteousness in and of yourself, you would be the first in humilty to give God all the glory. But thank you for letting the Lord bless us through your life and your prayers. You walked softly but you carried a big stick. You are a man of convictions and you live your life based on God's Word. You believed in me probably more than anyone has before. In the midst of all the issues we were going through on the field, I needed someone to "come to the plate" for me and believe in me. You and Flo did that in countless ways. Your loyalty and support of me will never be erased from my life. My name Gary means:"Loyal Warrior." I truly had with you a like-hearted fellow soldier comradship. Thank you Dick. I always loved bragging about you to others in Taiwan and I still do here. Just that you took me under your wing so to speak. As we start our new adventure in life here in Knoxville, I'm often reminded of your life-verse: "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." I often find myself in light of this passage, asking myself: "What would Dick do?" Of course, the ultimate question that you always asked is: "What would Jesus do?" Your God given vision to always reach beyond on the college campuses, in the villages and wherever He leads you has always challenged and motivated me. You not only left your mark on my life, but also on those that I have been fortunate enough to touch with the love of Christ. In heaven, I'm sure there will be some Chinese psychiatric patients clothed in their right minds that will thank you for your investment in my life. I'm sure that there will also be those that were disabled in some way here on earth that will be leaping for joy in heaven and you will be one that they thank. Thanks is a simple reward in itself when it comes from the heart. I'll never be able to repay you Dick for all that you have meant in my life and all I can say to you is thanks. I especially thank the Lord for leading you and Flo into our lives. I could say alot more but I'll close just by saying that I hope your 85th birthday is a very special one as I know it will be. Both Kathy and I love you and Flo very much. Take care,

Gary Webster




From Doug Nelson:

Don, I really enjoyed your tribute to your Dad for his 85th birthday. You created a very readable biography about his life of service. Everyone in my family has read it and learned more about your Dad. I learned some new facts about him. I didn't know he already had his MS in chemistry and was working on his PhD when he gave up a successful career in chemistry in order to respond to God's call to foreign missions, starting with three years of seminary. He was a very well educated man at that time. I do remember that he said that his graduate work in chemistry did open some door for him with the college students in Tainan, since many of the Tainan students were studying science. I don't remember too many stories about your Dad. Unfortunately, I wasn't around him too many times. I knew him best through you, and that was a positive experience for me. I do remember the time that I was the driver at a summer Triple C camp. I would run into town for things that were needed either in Mrs. Dale's English Taunus station wagon or your Dad's Ford pickup truck with its covered back. On the last day of camp, I took a load of campers to the train station with their baggage in his truck. After everyone picked up their bags to carry them into the Tainan station, Dave Rice realized he had left his suitcase back at the Mount of Olives. I told Dave that I would drive back to camp and get his suitcase for him before the train left. I got almost back to the camp but in my hurry I took the last turn on the rice patty road a little wide and I dropped the right front and rear tires off the edge into the paddy. I think the paddy was dry, but the truck was leaning pretty steeply to the right. The right rear tire just spun. I gave up trying to get it out on my own in a few minutes. I sure didn't want to turn it over, and I ran the rest of the way back to camp with considerable trepidation about what your Dad would say about my getting his truck stuck. He did not get upset at me. He somehow got his truck out of the patty later, and nothing more was ever said about it to me. I don't think I ever drove his truck again, but right afterward Mrs. Dale asked me to drive her Taunus back to Taipei so she could ride the train home that night, so I guess I was still considered by the adults to be trustworthy. We send your father (Dick Webster) a Happy Birthday, and we certainly appreciate the tremendous Christ like example he set for all of us missionary kids that knew him in Taiwan. 

The Nelson Family

From:  Mark and Anita Cassidy

Dear Dick and Flo,
We still talk about you to others and how you had such an impact on us in the area of prayer. We learned from you and your deep relationship with the Lord. It has changed us forever and brought us closer to Jesus. You taught us how to recognize the enemy and how to prevail in prayer. Well at least to begin learning how-I always feel inadequate in prayer but know the Lord better because of your example to Anita and I. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being like him, knowing his power and appropriating it for the blessing of other workers that you served so faithfully in the villages of Taiwan. Your lives have modeled what we want to be. THANK YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Mark and Anita Cassidy



From:  Dorothy Webster Moehl,  daughter 

DAD.  What a privilege to be one of the few who can call you that. 

DADDY.  That's how we started out.  I think my earliest memory was when a house caught on fire in Oakland, next door.  I was about two, and I can remember people running around yelling , trying to help put it out.  My eyes were on you.  What did Daddy think?  What is Daddy doing?  In your calm way, you took charge, and helped people not to panic.  I figured, if you weren't panicking, neither would I. 
My next memory, was when you built us a tree house in our yard in Tainan.  You designed it , and had it made, and it became a drawing card for lots of kids.  It was in that treehouse that I gave my life to Jesus.  Don played pastor, and we were the church. 
These two memories represent, to me, your life.  You were calmly at the helm of our family.  You didn't panic, so we didn't need to, either.  We went through many changes, but panic was never on the agenda.   Your faith in the Lord in the midst of happy or sad time, busy or relaxed times, remained constant.  You taught us that Jesus will indeed lead us all the way.  He has led us this far, and he will not drop us now.  Your example of godliness was one of involving God in every aspect of our everyday lives.  It was totally natural for us to play church in that treehouse, and it was totally naturally for one little girl to meet Jesus during play time.  God was not divided into categories in our home.  You made us laugh with your tremendous sense of humor.  You often saw the funny side to things, and taught us through you own example, not to take ourselves too seriously, in  the next breath you would show us a sunset (you loved to take pictures of them) and remark how the creator of such majesty was the same one who loved us. 
You poured yourself into the work God had sent you to do.  Your life touched many students and adults. But I never felt I was lacking for your attention.  You took time to be with the family, and when you were, you gave us your undivided attention.  You took us camping, built us things, showed us how to do things.  One of the fondest times for me was following you around on Saturdays with you TO DO list, and watch you fix things.  I never got the feeling I was in the way, in fact you would explain how the latch mechanism to a toaster worked, or how to fix the spring on our screen door.  You made learning interesting and fun.  It was also part of our everyday life. 
Then it was time to leave for school.  I loved Morrison, but couldn't wait to come home every three weeks.  You met us at the train, and we headed for the base for pizza or French dip sandwiches.  You again, kept time for us in spite of an incredible schedule as professor and Vice President of Christ's College. 
When I met Ed, I was so proud to introduce him to you.  I was sure he had never met anyone as cool as you, and he soon assured me of that himself.  You became a model for us.  Often we would ask how Dad would handle this situation.  Many times in our ministry, I would reflect back on times where we as a family in Taiwan had faced such issues, and remembered how you handled a situation.  Calm, faith.  No panic.  That is why my favorite verse became, "Be still and know that I am God".  I had a living example of that all my growing up years. 
Now I am a mom and a grandma.  My children grew up knowing you, even though for most of their lives they were miles and miles away.  Why?  Because you are such a part of who I am.  Many, many times I have quoted you to my children.  Now, my grandchildren are closeby, and are getting to have you close up. 
Now it's you birthday.  Your 85th!  What a gift from God that I got to help celebrate with you several weeks ago, eating yummy sandwiches, watching ducks, and hearing water bubble through the stream that ran through the lobby at the hotel.  Another memory of a special time with you.  Another time of sharing, laughing and just being together. 
Well, Daddy, many years have past since that first memory.  You are still my Daddy.  Although your body is not cooperating at full speed, your sense of humor has remained, Your godliness has grown even more, you are still a fountain of wisdom and peace..  I can still discuss with you the chemical reaction which take place when bread is baking. I can still call and share a prayer request, and know I will be prayed for. In the same phone call I can hear one of you jokes (perhaps I've heard it several times before, but it's still funny, or it's one that you've just heard and are passing on). I love laughing with you. 
DAD.   DADDY.  Yes, what a privilege to say those words to YOU!





From:  Phil and Ann Schwab   

Congratulations on your 85th birthday!  How did that happen so fast!
Ann and I talk from time to time about the times we went down to Taichung to "talk with Dick and Flo and to pray through things with them".  You were always available and also had a word in season for us.  We thank you so much.  I remember one time we were talking about the fact that some leaders had been telling Phil and Ann they should do such and such.  You reminded us that Paul in the first verses of each epistle referred to the individual call of God upon his life.  You said that in the final analysis each of us needs to determine what it is that God wants us to do.  That is advise that we have thought about again and again.
Have a great birthday.  You both are great people because you humbly rely upon, trust and serve a great God!
Love, Phil and Ann Schwab
ChinaTeam International Services, Ltd.
Nangang PO Box 902
Harbin City  150001




From:  Margaret Aldis 

Warmest Congratulations to you, Dick, on this your 85th birthday!

Long ago, in Taiwan, our families were closely linked together and especially through those heart-stirrings events of two weddings and two funerals!   I know the Lord was honoured in them all.
Firstly, I was helped and prepared for my marriage by the loving care of dear Lucille and supported at the event by a charming attendant, Dorothy.
Then we shared the sorrow of all of you as we climbed that little hill at the Mount of Olives to lay Lucille to rest.
Next came the joyful service of your marriage to Flo when we represented her parents.
For me, a return to Taiwan and loving friends soon after Gordon's death was hard but you were there to give the Word at the memorial service planned by the churches he had served.
God bless you all today
With love in Him
Margaret Aldis


From:  Lila Heffner


Dear Dick,

We've been on the road for two months so my apologies for being late with this email.  A warm and loving Happy 85th birthday to you!  I praise God for your life and example to me personally and to so many that have been touched by your gentle and kind Christ-like spirit.  Our families have been close for decades now!  That's hard to believe. 
I remember the times I came over to your place as a high school student at Morrison to "hang out with Larry and Sam.  It was in high school that I gave my life to the Lord and started to meet with Him daily in prayer and Bible study.  I remember Sam taking me to his pigeon loft...and passing your rooftop study on the way.  I remember that Sam mentioned that you spent a lot of time up there praying and studying God's word.  That is something I have never forgotten and that made an impact on my life.  I thank God for you and for Flo as well as you encouraged us to pray and seek God seriously.
I remember a number of times we all ate together...Camp Lebanon was a highlight...although the mosquitoes ate more of us than we did of the outdoor barbecue that night, we had a fun time together.
I have many good memories of times with Larry and Sam.  Sam and I now are neighbors in Taiwan and have biked together and shared many things "of life" together these last 10-12 years as adults living overseas.
Wo De Dau Gau Shr Chi Chiou Shang Di Ji Shu Ju Fu Ni Han Ni Swo Shwo De Han Swo Dzwo De!  Ju Ni Sheng Re Kwai Le!
With Joy,
Mark Heffner
Lila Heffner



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