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Dick praying at wedding of grandson Steve Moehl to Carol Liang.



In 2004, Dick Webster preached his last message at the age of 84.


In 1995, on the occasion of celebrating their youngest son, Sam's, wedding to Debryn Habecker, Dick and Flo took retirement and boarded a flight with their oldest son Don, and his wife, Pat, for a slightly slower pace in Santa Ana, California.   Dick was 75 years old and had been a missionary in China and Taiwan for a total of 48 years.  Flo, ten years younger, had served 37 years in Taiwan.

The pace was only slightly slower, as they soon were embroiled in speaking to Chinese churches in Southern California.  Dick continued putting to paper the lessons he learned in four plus decades as a missionary, and at the age of 84 he completed his sixth and final book.  He also preached his last sermon at the age of 84 and finally retired from public ministry.

In 2006, Dick and Flo moved to Anacortes, WA to be closer to family.  Indeed, it was a wonderful time of being with sixteen of their offspring and spouses.  The picturesque town, surrounded by water, mountains and big trees, was a perfect place to slow down.

On March 31, 2010, Dick's earthly body finally gave out, and he went to be with his Lord.  

Dick with daughter, Dorothy, grandson Jon, and great grandson Cody.


Those of us who are honored to be his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, along with those of us who knew him and were touched by his ministry, can't help but remember him with great fondness.  His love, his wisdom, his example of how to follow the Lord implicitly, are part of his legacy, and we will not forget it.  Nor can we forget the great contributions of Lucille and Flo, who partnered with him over his long and profitable life.



Flo and Dick Webster, 2003.


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