1971-1968 Formal Photo

Tim Peterson ('68), Jennifer McGillavry McQuade ('69), John Bailey ('71)


1967 Photos

Class of 1967: Gus and Darlene Moore Johnson, Tony Dale, Ted Woodward, and Steve Wilkerson. Darlene broke her ankle about two hours before this photo was taken.


1965-67 Photo

1965-67: Marion Woodward Shay ('65), Joyce Lynn Hunker Maslin ('66), Carolyn Culpepper Neunebel ('66), Sandra Holden Brown ('65),
Mary Lou Quick Aleck ('66), Phil Johnson ('65), Sue Peterson Turner ('65)
Front Row: Rolland Baker ('65), Mickey Norris ('66), Nancy Herring Scott ('65)




1959-1964 Photos

1959-1964: Andy Dale ('64), Joe Hanson ('63), Alice Junkin Landolt ('64), Randy Rodd Cazell ('64), John Baehr ('64), Joy Trachsel May ('63),
Carol Trachsel ('59)
Front Row: Dan Lawton ('64), Doug Nelson ('64), Don Webster ('64)




Group Photo

Once more with feeling, the entire group. Gabe kindly took the picture, and is sadly missed.



title banquet


Don Introduction

Don kicked off the banquet with a review of our timeline from Morrison days through several of the reunions.


Banquet 1

Things quieted down a bit as one superb dish followed another.


Banquet 2

One thing we learned at Morrison is, eat early, eat fast. Not really necessary here.


Banquet 3

Gradually the visiting intensified and peals of laughter would erupt in the various corners.


Banquet 4

The bowl in the center was a Flounder in Szechuan Sauce. Just the right spice and staggeringly good.





Banquet 5

Dan works on the Lamb with Ginger, another favorite, while John reaches for the Shredded Pork with Vegetables.


The purists saved their soup bowl to use with rice.


Banquet 7

A lot of stories were told in that hour..


Banquet 8

We didn't lift our heads much, despite the conversation.


Banquet 9

Starting to slow down.


Tony Emce

Tony, our Emcee, related some of his memories.


HMS Pinafore

Randy found the Class Song for the freshman class of '64, and here they sing it to the robust music of the HMS Pinafore.


Sandy singing

Sandy treated us to a couple of solos with her velvety voice and dancing fingers on the autoharp.


Singing 1

Sandy had compiled the music of our favorite hymns at Morrison, complete with the staff for four part harmony. We didn't want to stop singing


Singing 2

So, we didn't.


Joyce Lynn and Jennifer

Joyce Lynn had sent out a questionnaire to all the attendees, with multiple questions about the Morrison experience, such as favorite restaurants, and activities on the bus to TAS. She and Jennifer read the results, which will not be printed here.


Joe Hanson stories

Before giving the benediction, Joe Hanson digressed with a story of explorations of the old war headquarters building across the street from the Old Morrison Campus, located "across the tracks."


On Sunday morning was the service before everyone made their way home. As with all the reunions, this one had its own dynamic, but as with all the reunions there was plenty of laughter, and plenty of sharing. There seems to be interest in having another reunion sooner rather than later.

On Friday night we showed a slide show of photographs mostly taken by Esther Park in the 1960s. I added a few and put it to music. A link, "Morrison in Pictures," is available below. I would suggest full screen with the music on. You can delete the advertisement by clicking the "x" in the corner.

Hope to see you next time,

Don Webster

title The End

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