Title- Taste of Italy


Italian dinner 1

Our Italian dinner with Doug and Jojo, Dan and Dianne, Carol Trachsel, and Joy Trachsel May.


Italian 2

Ken and Marion Shay, Ted Woodward and Steve Wilkerson.


Italian 3

Janet and Andy Dale, Ken and Marion, Ted, and Steve.


Italian 4

Susan and John Bailey, Alice Junkin and Robert Landolt,, Phil & Debbie, Gus & Darlene Moore Johnson.


Italian 5

Tony & Felicity, Joyce Lynn Hunker Maslin, Carolyn Culpepper Neunebel, Sue Peterson Turner, Mary Lou, Jennifer, and Rolland Baker.


Italian 7

Sandy Holden Brown, Tim and Dori, Nan, Randy and Gabe, Joe Hanson.


title Saturday


Breakfast before starting the day on Saturday.


Don businesss meeting.

Don starts the business meeting.



Jennifer , secretary, describes the process of adding new classes.



Dan and Steve lead a discussion

Dan and Steve lead a discussion on hospice and long term care. It was hugely pertinent to this demographic, many of whom have been, or are, caregivers. The questions and insights from the group went on for some time.


Dan and Steve

The discussion was interesting and applicable.


Rock and Roll  Hall of Fame

Some went to Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that afternoon.


Rock 2

In the moment.


Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art claims the title of America's second best art museum. It did indeed have pieces from serious artists throughout the various periods. A huge arboretum covered the new and old buildings.


Museum 2

Some of the group take a break after exploring a fraction of the museum.


Museum food

The cafe was astonishingly good and reasonably priced. The kimchee and tofu salad was unusual and spicy.


Museum 4

Our gang at the museum.


Carol Joy and Gabe

Carol and Joy show up in stylish attire as we ready for the Chinese banquet.


Dressed up

John Baehr, Nan and Sue wait for the photo shoot.


Randy and Joe

I'd forgotten about that.



Conversation around the water cooler.