Title and group shot of reunion

Third Row: Sandra Holden Brown, Ken & Marion Shay, Dr. Robert and Alice Junkin Landolt, Dori and Tim Peterson, Mickey Norris, Susan and John Bailey, Mary Lou Quick Aleck, Carolyn Culpepper Neunebel, Sue Peterson Turner, Ted Woodward, John Baehr, Dr. Tony Dale, Joy Trachsel May, Dr. Steve WilkersonSecond Row: Darlene Moore Johnson (Gustaf in front), Joe Hanson, Dan and Dr. Dianne Lawton, Randy Rodd, Carol Trachsel, Jojo Nelson (Doug in front) Debbie Johnson (Phil in front), Andy Dale
Front Row: Gus Johnson, Rolland Baker, Don Webster, Jennifer McGillavry McQuade, Joyce Lynn Hunker Maslin, Nancy Herring Scott, Doug Nelson, Phil Johnson.

The reunion started with three Morrison Academy alumni schoolmates, Randy, Sandy and Marion, deciding to get together with, perhaps, a few friends. I heard about it and suggested that so long as hotels and transportation were involved, it was about as easy to just invite the Silver Chapter alumni group, which represents the senior 20 or so classes of Morrison. Surprisingly, they said, "yes, lets do it", and divided up chores to make it happen. Cleveland, OH, was central for the planning committee, and we had not had a reunion in that part of the country, so they settled on the Hilton Garden Hotel near the airport. The hotel proved to be a wonderful host, and treated us as a group and as individuals with outright friendliness and attentiveness.

The reunion spanned three days, with a meet and great on Friday evening, which included a" Taste of Italy" dinner catered by the hotel. Saturday morning we had a business meeting for the Silver Chapter, and two presentations which turned out to be on elder care, by Dan Lawton and Dr. Steve Wilkerson. These proved to be very timely for the group and the discussion that evolved went on for nearly an hour. Several in the group had experience in the field and made very salient comments. Saturday afternoon was free time and groups of friends did outings, which included the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Museum of Art. The evening started with formal photos of the group and classes. We then went downtown to the Li Wah Chinese Restaurant for an eight course banquet. It was an evening of laughter and memories, accompanied by sumptuous, authentically prepared, cuisine. Sunday morning was a service with our old, favorite, hymns, sung with an irrepressible harmony that one seldom hears anymore. Time was given for several to trace their journey since Morrison.

title- meet and greet

Phil and Gus

Brothers in arms: Gus Johnson, Phil and Darlene Johnson.


Debbie, Phil and Marion

Debbie and Phil Johnson connect with Marion Woodward Shay.


Ken, Marion, Johnsons

Ken and Marion with Gus and Phil


Jojo and Debbie

Jojo Nelson and Debbie, tollerant wives of third culture kids.


Hilton Garden with Randy

Randy Rodd Cazell headed up the organizing team; attention to detail and creativity were evident.



Gabe and the organizers

Gabe Cazell, Randy's husband, photographs Sandy Holden Brown, Randy, Marion and Sue Peterson Turner. The three ladies on the left organized the reunion.


Lawtons and Johnsons

Dianne and Dan Lawton with the Johnson brothers.


Sandy and Randy

Sandy and Randy go over the check-in procedure. Of course, everyone had a packet with their name-tag and a schedule.


Gabe and Marion

Gabe and Marion get to know one another.


Gus, writing

Gus signs a thank-you card.


Joe with camera

Joe Hanson catches a moment.




Alice Junkin Landolt and Phil.


Mickey and Mary Lou

Mickey Norris and Mary Lou Quick Aleck



Marion with Felicity and Tony

Marion with Felicity and Tony Dale.


Jen, Joyce Lynn and Lawtons

Jennifer McGillavry McQuade, (Silver Chapter Secretary), Joyce Lynn Hunker Maslin with Dan and Dianne Lawton.


Nan and Steve

Nancy Herring Scott, (Silver Chapter Treasurer), and Steve Wilkerson catch up.


Doug and Tony

Doug Nelson and Tony discuss recent activities.


Tim and Phil

Dori and Tim Peterson spend time with Phil.


Phil sleeping

We catch naps when we can. Don Webster in the background.


Tim sleeping

Tim takes a breather. Mary Lou in the background.