AA Wedding in Quincy

July 6, 2002

A wedding was called in Quincy, Illinois, on the occasion of the marriage of Rachael Sorensen and Christopher Matson, on July 6, 2002.  Extended family from Texas, Montana, Idaho, California and Nebraska came to join those family members in Quincy for the celebration.  This provided, as well, a reunion of many extended family members who had not seen one another in years.
Quincy proved to be welcoming, picturesque and warm.  Not only did Rachael's parents, Larry and Darlene Sorensen, go out of their way to accommodate their guests comfortably, but they attended to every detail, with such grace and joy, that reuniting family were able to quickly get about the fun of renewing old connections.  

The town of Quincy demands to be photographed, with its numerous old brick Victorian mansions,  its quaint farmhouses, and even its old Mississippi warehouses and factories.

Quincy was warm and damp in the way the Midwest can be on a 4th of July weekend, and its proximity next to the Mississippi River only served to raise the humidity a percent or two.  However, the weather outside helped to remind us where we were, and it was invariably comfortable as we moved indoors from the Midwestern summer.

Across the Mississippi, Hannibal, Missouri, was celebrating Tom Sawyer Days.  A good many played tourist for a day and visited the Tom Sawyer Cave, saw some of the parade, and visited the Mark Twain homes and tourist shops.  Dry western humor mixed with German wit and many stories were exchanged in a process of catching up.  The day ended with a BBQ of marinated pork chops, grilled by master chef, Larry Sorensen, in his backyard.  






Jerry & Katie Sorensen, Marty & Eduard Moehl


The serious decorating for the wedding was done the day before the wedding, with everyone pitching in and generally having a great time of it.  Of course, many preparations had been done days and weeks in advance, and the final touch was put on the morning of the wedding.


Katie Sorensen

Kathy Stephens and Laura Pearson

George Matson (father), Chris & Rachael, Elizabeth Sorensen 

Chris's mother and father  hosted the Groom's Dinner at an old Quincy steakhouse, The Patio Restuarant.  It was one of those seasoned restaurants, frequented by knowledgeable locals, who know where to find the finest food in town.   

It provided a chance for both extended families to make acquaintances and develop new friendships.  It was also a chance to get to know the bride, or groom, for the first time.

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