Title- A Murder Mystery on Tammy's Birthday


The Cast

For Tammy's birthday, Marty decided that something special was in order, so he organized not one, but two murder mysteries, and invited family and friends to participate. Half came as cowboys, not generic cowboys, but specific, notorious cowboys and cowgirls, to solve a murder of one of their own. The other half came as pirates, famous pirates, to solve a convoluted mystery as well. We ate, imbibed a little, and then sorted through truth and fiction, mostly fiction, to find what happened. As time passed, we became comfortable in our character, and the banter became more animated. Justice may not have been achieved in the end, but, we took great pleasure in getting there.

Kathi and Rob as pirates.

Kathi is the devious Tia Maria, and Rob the blind pirate, Pew.

Scarlet and Dorothy

Eric, the swashbuckling pirate, Scarlet, and Dorothy is cowgirl Cattle Kate.

Eric as cabin boy Roger and Karmen as a cowgirl.

Eric as the cabin boy, Roger, and Karmen the sassy Belle Starr.

Jen is the lady pirate, Bonnie, and Jon a cowboy.

Jen is the lady pirate, Anne Bonnie, and Jon is Mayor Doc Holiday.

Tamy and others.

Brynn, is the withholding Black Widow, while Cherrise is the lively Calamity Jane. Matt played the one and only Billy the Kidd, and Tammy, birthday girl, was the well travelled Chastity..

Ed the sheriff and Don as the Governor of Jamaica.

Ed is Sheriff Wyatt Erp, and Don the Governor of Jamaica.

Steve, the pirate, Bluebeard, baffles his daughter, Phoebe.

Steve, the neck bearded pirate, Bluebeard, baffles his daughter, Phoebe.

Marty reads the rules.

Long John Silver, aka, Marty, reads the rules of the inquisition, uh, inquiry.

The Cowboys

Characters get into character.

As the rules and parts to be played sink in, the characters start to get into character.


The poker table.

The inquiry begins as a friendly game of poker.

JJ and Karmen

JJ, the thieving Cole Younger, makes his heavy moves.

Crystal Palace Saloon

Rob, the bartender, Jack Daniels, keeps all whistles wet.



Jen stands as the talk of the town, while deliberation continues at the table.


Carol, the sassy one.

Poker Alice, Carol, maintains the ambiance in her Crystal Palace Saloon.

The Pirates

Pirate Bonnie and Roger the cabin boy.

As the pirates hurl accusations, Pirate Bonnie and cabin boy Roger, maneuver to project innocence.

Pirate confrontation.

What was, seems no longer to be the case, as the complex intrigue emerges piecemeal.

Blind Pew

And so, we leave the story with an image of Blind Pew, who never let his opaque optical status prevent him from seeing things more clearly than most.

The End