A small school in Taichung, Taiwan, which started in a bamboo shack in 1952, celebrated its 50th anniversary in June, 2002.  All alumni and faculty were invited to attend, and the recall produced a gathering of 150 alumni and 110 faculty, and relatives.

The school was and is sponsored by four mission boards, and was originally chartered to meet the educational needs of missionary children.  However, it soon accommodated the needs of the U.S. military community in Taichung,  as well as the children of the expatriate business and educational community.

For alumni returning to this school, it was not only a class reunion, but a reconnecting with families and with a Chinese culture that left an indelible imprint on impressionable children. 

The Shacks

Eric Webster, Penny Dale, Felicity & Andrew Dale, Doug Nelson

The reunion kicked off in the auditorium with a welcome and an outline of events.  To get us warmed up,  each decade of classes was given three minutes to come up with a school pep cheer.  The gray haired members of the Silver Chapter hobbled up and began a cheer with, "Rice paddy, rice paddy, benjo ditch ...", winning the coveted plunger from a sympathetic audience.  Although attendees graduated in a span of classes from 1957 to 2002, the shared experience of schooling in Taiwan and particularly at Morrison, seemed to blur the age distinction, at least so it seemed to the old timers.

The next two mornings were occupied with soccer and basketball tournaments. The decades were divided into four teams, which played a ladder of 15 minute games.  Tony Dale took the prize as the OMP, oldest man present.  He played all three 15 minute sessions, and after a small plasma transfusion, was really looking pretty good. 

Attendees could also chose from  symposiums, such as three sessions on 3rd Culture Kids, by Dave Pollock, Asian Employment Opportunities, Chinese cooking, Pottery, and etc.  

The Commons, a student lounge, was an air conditioned retreat, stocked with every imaginable Taiwanese treat. Ice chests held ice cold chisuei, sarsaparilla, canned teas and barley drink.  


The afternoons were devoted to tours.  On the Old Taichung tour, three busloads of alumni scouted the remnants of the two preceding campuses, the military compounds and the OMS Compound.  As expected, there was little left in a city which has consumed every bit of available land in a frenzy of vertical development. However, some of the homes in the Old and New compounds were still standing, and much of the OMS compound was intact.  The train station retains its lines and the Taichung City Park is still a place to rent row boats and drink tea under spreading banyan trees.

Last of the boys dorm and admin building, Old School.


Barbara Sweeny

Round trip ticket to Taiwan


Chicken Bus to Taichung

250 NT

One plate of jautzes

30 NT

Your first sourball


Carol Trachsel ,  Joy Trachsel May, Bob Sweeny.


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