Max's Big Day

Max and Tammy

In Tammy's arms, Max is eager to greet the rest of the family.


Chatting at the table

As with any family gathering, the catching up and exchange of ideas begins immediately.


This gathering in late July, 2017, was centered on Max's first birthday and a time for Marty and Tammy to dedicate him to the Lord. We recognized some other birthdays and anniversaries as well. The setting was Ed and Dorothy's backyard, and the dinner theme was German fest, much of it dutifully prepared by Dorothy in the kitchen, and Ed on the grill, but every family brought something.


The grill with Ed, Corey and Marty.

Ed visits with Marty's friend, Corey, while Marty set up his camera.


Marty films the action.

The camera is ready to capture the action.


The group.

Family and friends work on hors d'ouevres while waiting for the dedication to begin.



Ed leads a prayer of dedication for Max.


Schwein Hoxe

Ed examines a beautiful collection of Schweinshaxe, ham hocks, which have been smoking all afternoon.


Max gets his first birthday cake.

Max is presented with his first birthday cake...


Cake continued.

and enjoys it as any little boy would.

The evening continues.

And so the evening continued, with each person enjoying the distractions that presented at the moment.

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