Morrison luncheon gathering

Clockwise: Don Webster '64, Bruce MacInnis '64, Allen (Pete) Peterson '63, Leslie Rodd Peterson '62, Randy Rodd Cazell '64, Gabe Cazell,
Gordon Haggerty '65, Eduard Moehl, Dorothy Webster Moehl '68, Barbara Haggerty Maynard"68, Roger Maynard.

Once again we have assembled the Morrison Classmates of the Silver Chapter for a luncheon in the Seattle area. A group of a dozen proved to be a good size for catching up with each person and recounting some of our favorite stories. It was great fun and three hours passed in a flash. Please enjoy a few pictures which may help a bit to join in on the fun.





We chose the Szechuan Chef restaurant in Bellevue, WA, and their savory fare did not disappoint. The spicy dishes, twice cooked pork, mapo tofu and cumin lamb we got in both spicy and not hot versions and both were really good. After two hours of eating, we still had plenty to take home.



As the food arrived, the conversation paused, for a bit.

Dorothy and Barbara were roommates at Morrison, so they really enjoyed catching up. Barbara and her husband, Roger, spent much of their careers in Alaska, where Barbara was a nurse in small ative American communities and Roger was an Alaska State Patrol Officer, often flying his Piper Cub on skis to remote communities to serve warrants and fly the accused to a city for trial.

Dorothy, Barbara and Roger

Barb dishes up the eggplant and firm tofu. To the left is the honey-walnut prawns.


Circle group

Ed and Dorothy spent much of their ministry in Austria and Germany doing church planting. While Gordon has been a businessman in Seattle, he devoted considerable time helping to build an orphanage for 500 children in Mozambique. His classmate, Rolland Baker '65, and wife Heidi were lead to build the orphanage ministry in Africa, which is now just one part of IRIS Ministries. It is pretty remarkable how many Morrison graduates have served overseas in business, teaching or ministry capacities.


Rodd sisters

The Rodd sisters are enjoying some family vacation time together. It was Gabe and Randy's trip west to visit Pete and Les that was the impetus for holding this dinner. Les worked in college administration. Randy was a school counselor and Gabe a school psychologist. Gabe and Randy are retired in Virginia while Pete an Les are retired south of Seattle.




Gordie passing the Mapo Tofu. As good as it looks.



Don and Bruce's first shared experience was doing the Silver Trail Hike as Boy Scouts in eighth grade. This involved hiking across Taiwan's high mountains, starting at the WuShu dam, north of Sun Moon Lake, and hiking a powerline trail over three ridges, one approaching 10,000', to their final destination near Hualien on Taiwan's east coast.

After their Junior year at Morrison, Don, Bruce, Doug Nelson, Leif Torjesen and Dan Carr rode their one-speed, steel bicycles around the island of Taiwan.

Bruce has done a career with large scale relief organizations and was a manager of the Rwanda relief mission, Kosovo relief and the major relief mission after the Tsunami which devastated Indonesia.

Don was a Navy pilot for 20 years and did a career with United Airlines. His last flight with United was a round trip to Taipei.


Don and Bruce

Don and Bruce


Pete has had an active life in business, but has never strayed far from high school athletics, particularly his first love of wrestling. His sons were wrestlers and one has turned that into coaching and mentoring students. Pete and Les dated at Morrison, and reconnected in their mid years of college.



Bruce Pete

The luncheon complete, it was back to the realities of life. Regardless, I think we all had a spring in our step, despite slightly distended bellies.


Hopefully, we can soon contemplate a national Silver Chapter reunion to get considerably more schoolmates together. Meanwhile, don't be shy about getting together with schoolmates in your area. Morrison Academy can help in contacting those who would be reasonably nearby. I'm happy to help out with that if you email me.

Don Webster