Glacier Park text

Lake MacDonald

Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park. Smoke from Idaho fires obscures the Rockies.

On our second day in Kalispell, we drove into Glacier National Park. We knew that the smoke in the area would affect visibility, but we hoped that getting high enough would get us out of much of it. After visiting Lake MacDonald, we worked our way up "Going to the Sun Road." This famous roadway, blasted out of rock during Teddy Roosevelt's administration, has dazzled many tourists with its exposure as it climbs to 7,000 feet up the face of a cliff.

The road summits at Logan Pass, and here we hiked the popular meadow trail which goes higher into the peaks. It is common to see Mountain Goats and Big Horn Sheep in this area, and we were happy to see both. We also saw Marmots and various squirrels.

On the way down, we stopped to relax at MacDonald Lodge, and then went into Columbia Falls for our favorite BBQ at the Back Room Cafe.



Going to the Sun Road


We had to wait for construction on our way up Going to the Sun Road, so traffic backed up.




A waterfall spills over slabs of granite.

Mountain goats on a shady ledge.


Mountain Goats rest on a shady ledge.


Ground Squirrel

A ground squirrel enjoys the sun.



The same waterfall spills from the high meadow.



A natural infinity pool.


Wild flowers at Logan Pass

Wild flowers enjoying the short summer at 7,500 feet.


A mountain goat on a flat boulder

A mountain goat stands watch over its family.


Mountain goat by a pond.

A female goat pauses in its grazing.


Swim hole

Newlyweds try out a swim hole on MacDonald creek.

Swim hole 2

He jumps in, and comes back out almost as fast.



Platform lookout on MacDonald Creek.

A platform over MacDonald creek provides a lookout.



Waterfall under the platform.

Water spills over the rocks under the platform. We saw trout trying to jump up this waterfall.



Mule Driver

A mule driver gets ready to load his pack animals.



Park bus

The old buses are an icon of Glacier Park. The bodies now rest on new chassis and drive trains, but still are a fun way to see the Park.


Dick in the lodge.

Dick relaxes in the lodge.

The MacDonald Lodge.

Clients of the lodge enjoy a view of the lake.