A 4th of July dress

The Anacortes Parade is always an essential part of celebrating 4th of July. Here are a few photos of this year's parade.


On Steve's shoulders

Sisters wore matching dresses.


Don and Pat wait for the parade to start.

Waiting for the parade to start.


The Anacortes Town Crier

The Anacortes Town Crier, Richard Riddell, is a friend of the family. He won an international TownCrier competition in Germany.



Some beautiful horses pass in parade.


Model A Ford

A nicely restored Model A Ford is decorated for the occasion.


1904 Buick

Here is a beautiful 1904 Buick replica. In high school, my friend Doug Nelson and I made a 1904 Buick the same size as this,
with bicycle wheels and leaf springs, to use as a photo prop for our Junior/Senior Banquet. Dorothy Johnson put on a beautiful paint job.


Vander family

The "V" family watching the parade.


The parade lasted an hour and there was much more, but this should provide a taste of our festivities.


The End