Wedding practice 1


On July 30, 1999, the wedding party and families of Jon and Jen assembled at the Sierra Madre Congregational Church to learn the ceremony which would be a part of Jon and Jen's wedding. Jon and Jen were both students at Biola University, which is where they met.

The following are some informal photos taken at the wedding practice and before the actual wedding. These have been stored for 22 years and were in fairly poor condition. With editing they are useful for remembering the event, if not photo album quality. They mostly feature Jon's side of the family because the photographer is Jon's uncle and was in the presence of that family. It is hoped that the pictures at least recall some memories.





Practice 2

The bride's maids go through the specifics of their role.




Vows practice.


Family picture in Park

Following practice, the families gathered at Memorial Park. Many had not seen one another in some time.


Sam and David play frisbe.

Sam enjoys some frisbee with David. David had not seen many of his relatives since he was a small boy.


Famiy at table

Darlene organizes the picnic.


The following day, the wedding party arrived early for photos and to make final preparations for the wedding.

Ed adjusts Steve's tie.

Steve gets a bit of help from Dad in adjusting his bow tie.


Steve and Jon pose for photographers

Steve and Jon pose for the photographers.


Groomsmen are photographed

The groomsmen are arranged for their photos.


Groomsmen have some fun.

Groomsmen keep it a bit loose.


Corey, Sam and others

Corey, Sam, Eric, Flo and Pat represent three generations of Websters.


Ed and Larry

Ed is presiding pastor, father of the groom and brother-in-law to Larry.


Brian and Ed

Brian and Ed have time to visit a bit.

Debryn and Helen Taylor

Debryn and Helen have seldom had a chance to see one another.

Websters and Els

The Webster family are meeting Ed's sister-in-law, Els, for the first time.

Dorothy and Ed

Mother and Father of the groom.

Rachael, Elizabeth, Jon

Jon with cousins Rachel and Elizabeth.

Darlene and Jon

Jon's Aunt Darlene joins the gathering.

Steve with Dorothy

Brother and mother of the groom.

Webster family

The mother's extended family.

The End