B Exploring Southbend

Carmelas Restaurant, Southbend.

We celebrated our arrival with an Italian dinner at Carmelas.

Peeps Restaurant, Southbend.

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast with Roseanne at Le Peeps.

When not involved in the reunion activities, we used the time to reconnect with South Bend, Pat's childhood home. The downtown area has been greatly vitalized over the last decades, with contemporary shops and restaurants, and an inviting walk along the St. Joseph's River. Away from downtown, the residential areas are a combination of new developments, but with many of the familiar neighborhoods not much changed.


Breakfast with Roseanne, who was Pat's first Nurse Manager when Pat, newly graduated, was an employed RN at St. Joseph's Hospital in South Bend Roseanne has been a good family friend ever since.


St. Josephs Hospital

The South Bend St. Joseph's Hospital where Pat learned nursing was torn down and is now the location of a new high school. The new hospital is now in Mishawaka.


St. Joseph's Hospital 2

Pat and Roseanne stand in the lobby of the new St. Joseph's Hospital, a stunning building and leading edge facility.


St. Joseph Hospital cafeteria.

A spacious cafeteria in the hospital.


Notre Dam Stadium

We toured Notre Dame and visited the new stadium, a huge, yet beautifully proportioned arena which seats over 80,000 football fans.



Stadium entrance

A gate into the stadium.



Hesburgh Library, with the famous, "Word of Life" Mural.


Window at Notre Dame

One of the classroom buildings on campus.



The Notre Dame campus has a uniform look and we were told that for the life of the campus the brick has been made of clay from the same lake bed. Notre Dame does not go into debt for its construction, but rather waits until a project is fully funded by alumni and other donors before building.


Pat's house

We drove to the neighborhood where pat grew up in south South Bend. Her house looked older, and seemed smaller, from the years she spent there. Upstairs was one long room which served as a bedroom for Pat and her two brothers. As they grew older, furniture was used to give a bit of privacy. To Pat, this was home and it is only years later that she realizes that it may have been more humble than what some of her friends called home.


James Whitcomb Riley High School

Pat and her brothers went through James Whitcomb Riley High School and still retain significant loyalty to their alma matter. The building is new, but it still evokes many memories.


Movie Theater

The Slate Movie Theater was a popular weekend social center.


Hans and Ana at Michign Sand Dunes

On our return, we spent a day with our good friends, Hans and Ana, here at Indiana State Dunes. We got to know them when Ana's daughter, Sophia, was figure skating pair partner with our son, Brian.


Don and Pat 40th Anniversary

It was the 40th anniversary for Pat and me, and we were delighted to share the day with Hans and Ana. We all went to a nearby Italian restaurant and recounted some of the memories together.

It was a weekend of reflecting on much of our lives. Pat visited her childhood, and the nursing school which provided a career which gave her, and no doubt others, much satisfaction. Pat was able to spend time with her Holy Cross classmates and remember many of those old experiences. I was taken back to my first trip to South Bend, as newlyweds, and we both enjoyed catching up and reminiscing with Hans and Ana. An altogether good weekend.


Don Webster


The End