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It was time to travel to South bend, Indiana, for Pat's 45th anniversary reunion at the Holy Cross School of Nursing. It was here that Pat studied for three years, graduating in the Class of 1968 as a Registered Nurse. The school was affiliated with the Sisters of the Holy Cross and with St. Joseph's Hospital. For her first job after graduating, Pat was asked to stay at St. Joseph's Hospital in South bend, and she began a newborn and then newborn intensive care specialty, the field she would work most of her career.

In 1843, the Sisters of the Holy Cross arrived in South bend to assist in the start-up of a boys' school. It would become Notre Dame University. Over the years the sisters performed medical care for the community, no formal medical facilities being available. In 1861, with the advent of the Civil War, President Lincoln asked that the Sisters of the Holy Cross use their medical experience to serve as nurses for the war. They replied that they would do so on condition that they be permitted to serve men on both sides of the war. Many served aboard the ship, Red Rover, and became the first Navy nurses. Following the war, the Sisters of the Holy Cross established the structure and protocols of the Navy Nurse Corps. In 1907, the sisters established a training school for nurses at St. Joseph's Hospital in South Bend The school trained nurses for 68 years, and graduated its last class in 1975.


Alumni looking at old photos.

Reviewing old photos.

More photos.

Pat and Bonnie catching up with family events.

Sharon, Pattie and Pat.

Sharon, Pattie and Pat do recall of events long ago.

More stories to tell.


A class pose.

A class pose.


The Class of 1968.

Eleven members of the Class of 1968.


An old class photo.

Susan looking at an old class photo.


Another photo.

And the photo brings up another story.


The admission's list, 1964, of what to bring to Nursing School.

1965, the Admissions list of Personal Wardrobe.


The Banquett

The Banquet.