A journey of 50 years.




How It Began

They met when Mike was at Wabash College and Kathy was at nearby DePauw University. Soon they were dating and upon graduation, in 1968, they got married. Mike was a physics major and eventually was accepted into Stanford's PhD program. Kathy worked to help supplement the stipend of a doctoral candidate, and together they learned to enjoy the culture and natural beauty that California had on offer. Vince lived in the appartment above, and he introduced them to backpacking and camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

At year four of their marriage, I met Mike's attractive and smart sister, Pat, and as our relationship grew, I met the couple who would become my brother and sister-in-law.

As with us, their careers would take them all over the United States and even the world. However, we both were settled for about 20 years in the California Bay Area, where we raised our children, and it was a time when we enjoyed doing things together. It was a time when Mike and Kathy cemented some warm friendships with coworkers, a softball team, which was very competitive, and with many others with whom they shared interests. We then both ended up in the Pacific Northwest, they in Canada, and we just south of the border.

So, how does one reach a Golden Anniversary? It certainly is not just good luck. Jean describes how Mike and Kathy really liked one another's company. But, life brings bumps in the road, unintended concequences, changes in one's goals. I think that Mike and Kathy were able to maintain a level of communication and a willingness to compromise which helped them nevigate through or around the big and little issues. They are both strong personalities, which makes listening and working things out all the more important. Regardless, they found themselves, this year, at their 50th anniversary. It is indeed something to celebrate.

Sailing the Columbia 22

I met Mike and Kathy in 1972, a year before I would marry Mike's sister, Pat. Here, as we sail in San Francisco Bay, they are enjoying their fourth year of marriage.


Shakesperre in the Park.

Just days before Pat and I would be married (Pat far right), we enjoyed Shakespeare In the Park. Kathy was very pregnant, and would deliver their daughter, Jean, just five days after we were married.


The Celebration



The evening before the celebration, Mike and Kathy met with immediate family and a few long time friends at El Charro, a Mexican restaurant in Lafayette where we would rendezvous occasionally when wel lived in the Bay Area.

The venue for the 50th Anniversary Celebration was the Lafayette Park Hotel in Lafayette, California. Mike and Kathy chose this location, not because it was close to their home, it isn't, but because it was close to a good many of their friends and family. It was a beautiful setting and they were blessed with a blue sky and cool weather for the event.


El Charro Restaiurant

At El Charro, Mike and Kathy talk with daughter, Jean, and Rhonda.


El Charro 2

My wife, Pat, with Vince and Jane.


Courtyard of the Lafayette Park Hotel

The reception started in the courtyard of the Lafayette Park Hotel. A chamber orchestra provided ambiance, and attentive staff made sure we were supplied with their excellent appetizers.


Chamber Orchestra

This chamber orchestra, Synchronicity Strings, played both classical and contemporary numbers.


Ryan, Jean, Vince and Jane

Ryan and Jean talk with Vince and Jane. Vince was one of the first friends that Mike and Kathy made when they went to Stanford to start the PhD.



The ample bar was available throughout the reception.


Eric and Irene ( our son and daughter-in_law ), with Sarah (Mike and Kathy's daughter-in-law ), and Tom, Mike's brother.



Bill and Renee (who was a team-mate on a particularly competitive softball team with Mike.)


Rick, who was faculty with Kathy at Mulberry Tree Preschool, catches up with Mike.


Jane, Irene, Ryan and Vince

Jane, Irene, Ryan (son) and Vince.


Ryan, Vince and ladies

Ryan, Vince, Rhonda, Jean and Mary Anne with Bill in yellow.


Eric, Corey, Pat

Tom, Eric, Corey and Pat enjoy a discussion.


Chanber Orchestra

Again, we enjoyed the ambiance provided by Synchronicity Strings.



Photo shoot.

Irene conducts a photo shoot with Kathy, Ryan, Jean, Mike and Eric.



The family photo.


Sarah with Mike and Kathy

Daughter-in-law Sarah with Mike and Kathy.


Rene, Vince and Orchestra

Final discussions before dinner.