Gallagher Family Tree

This website provides the family tree and introduces the extended family of James Francis Gallagher and his wife Isabel. The lineage is below, with each subsequent generation indented to the right. The colored names have links; click on those links to go to a webpage describing that family.


James Francis and Isabel Gallagher


James, Isabell Gallagher and Pag

James and Isabel Gallagher and daughter Margaret (Mickey) Quinn Gallagher, perhaps 1950.


James Gallagher in his office

James Francis Gallagher, Freight Agent for DL & W Railroad.


In military uniform Bernie Vinny and Pie

The sons of Francis and Isabel.
Bernie in Coast Guard uniform, Vin, and Pie in Army uniform, about 1944.


Obituarty James Francis Gallagher

James Francis Gallagher obituary.


1960 James and Isabel

Isabel Memorium

1971 Isabel J Gallagher memorial.