Exploring Nuchatlitz Inlet


Heading eastbound along the north shore of the Nuchatlitz Inlet. The Sophia Mountains on Nuchatlitz rise to 2,500 feet.


Seacave with a waterfall.

Bob told us to look for the sea cave with a waterfall, and we found it. The adjoining cave connected underground.



We took turns getting a good dousing. The force of the water soon pushed the kayak to the side.

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Here is a video of the waterfall.



Marianne explored the adjoining cave and was soon adding sound effects for the enjoyment of the bathers at the waterfall.


Laundry in a creek.

Since we had to carry our own fresh water to the islands, this creek served as a welcome spot to rinse out some paddling gear.

Tiny Beach

This tiny beach might be romantic on the rare occasions that the sun got down to it.


Benson Point

Half way into Nuchatlitz Inlet is Benson Point, another sweeping beach with dramatic views.


Benson Point 2

Another look at Benson Point.



From Benson Point, we headed southwest across Nuchatlitz Inlet to Louie Bay at Tongue Point. For years, Bob has worked with Esperanza Mission, and at Tongue Point they have a retreat site where they work with the Native American families and children in the area.



At the Esperanza retreat center, Bob stands in front of a giant cedar. This former military site holds some beautiful virgin forest.

Enamel pitcher on a stump.

This old enamel pitcher has been on this stump for a long time.


Cabins at the retreat center.

Old cabins, original to the site, are still used for storage. The steel cable gives kids a zip line from a high tree.


Fire shelter.

This shelter provides cover for dining and campfires.


Louie Bay

Louie Bay will be three times larger when the tide comes in.


Crossing open water back to Island 44

We cross open water from Louie Bay back to Island 44. We were to get into six foot swells, but they had a long period and were no problem. Until the last day we were blessed with unusually calm winds, which kept the seas flat. In the foreground is Bull Kelp, which differs from the Giant Brown Kelp by its large, bulbous floats.


Evening at Island 44.

Back at Island 44, we relax after our 15 mile paddle and enjoy a blue sky evening.