Walking Island 44 text

Lunch at Island 44

We relaxed a bit after our 10 mile paddle and had lunch.


Whistler gang

The Whistler Gang paddled by, and we watched them set out from Island 44 into the nearly open Pacific swells.


Log Splashing

George observes one of the spontaneous erruptions, a peculiar phenomena of island 44.

Throwing a log.

Well, not exactly. A boyish impulse drove George to throw a log into the channel.


Racing the surf.

Jill scampers to beat an incoming wave.

View of the Nuchatlitz Islands.

Looking across Island 44 to Island 40 on the right.


Planning the next day's paddle.

Bob was an experienced leader, and each afternoon he would go over the options for the next day's paddle, taking into account currents, wind and the latest weather report. We had no cell phone service, but VHF gave us the weather reports we needed.


Sunset across Island 40.

The sun sets across neighboring Island 40. It also has a good campsite, visible in this photo. The mountains of Vancouver Island are in the background.



A 7AM breakfast before setting out in the calm morning air.