Steve getting a haircut from Darlene.

Darlene and brother, Steve, enjoy their monthly commiseration and hair cut.


One must say at the outset that this is a family that does things together. With 21 of us in Anacortes, birthdays are a monthly event, and various holidays are excuse for even more celebration. The following is a glimpse of some of the April-May activities, starting with an Easter Egg Hunt at Ed and Dorothy's house. Right now, we have two preschoolers and a baby, each of whom wants to emulate their older cousins. The young ones are unpredictable, and certain to provide laughs and insight for us older ones.

Michelle finding an egg.

Michelle finding her first egg of the day.

Chase looking up a tree for an egg.

Chase checking out the less obvious places.

Zach reaches for one.

Zach trying to reach in for one.

More eggs.

The girls look through the grass for eggs.

JJ does a stretch over the creek.

Sparing the kids a dunk into the water, JJ reaches for an egg, then barely misses a fall into the creek himself.

Birthday cakes

We used the day to celebrate Zach and Leah's birthdays.

Pat holds baby Phoebe.

Aunt Pat is quite content to hold baby Phoebe.

Kori's Third Birthday Party

Father and daughter on her birthday.

Daughter and father on her birthday.

Leah and Conner on the swings.

Leah and Conner on the swings.

Leah introduces her present to Kori.

Leah cautiously introduces her present to Kori.

Kori gets her birthday cake.

Kori is presented with the cake.

Singng Happy Birthday.

Then the serenade, "Happy Birthday."

Cake everywhere.

Getting that sweet stuff off of the fingers.

Lego toy power shovel.

Admiring Zach's Lego power shovel.

Cake all aroound.

The serious business of eating.

The adults are just as serious.

The adults are no less focused.

Kori wears Darlene's trademark Zucchini Hat.

Cousin Cody has fun with Kori. Kori wears her new Zucchini cap, knitted by Darlene.

The End