View of Anacortes

Looking down on the Cape Sante Marina of Anacortes, WA.

Here are a few photos to remember a September, 2014, visit of David, Ashley and Elizabeth to see family in Anacortes.

A view from Cape Sante bluff towards the Cascade Mountains.

From the bluff above Cape Sante Marina, we enjoyed a clear view of the Cascade Mountains, as well as a good look at an ongoing regatta.

Visiting grandmother Flo.

On the first day, Elizabeth and David visited Grandma Flo, and Ashley got to meet her for the first time.


Elizabeth and Flo enjoy a talk.

Elizabeth and Grandma enjoy catching up.


Walking the dog at Rosario Beach.

Rosario Beach, where David got a brain freeze of the feet.


Latte interrupts a pose.

Latte interrupts a pose.


Elizabeth climbs the bank.

Elizabeth climbs up the bank.


Standing on the cliff above the Salish Sea.

Standing on the cliff above the Salish Sea.



At Deception Pass.

The swirling currents of Deception Pass.


Family dinner at the bowling alley.

A family dinner brought cousins together to the elegant Bowling Alley.



The clan from the midwest, got to see older nieces and nephews, including the latest addition to the family.


Marty and Tammy talk with Elizabeth.

Marty and Tammy catch up with Elizabeth.


Rob and JJ collaberate.

Rob and JJ are deep into the nuances of Fantasy Football.


David and Ashley hear the latest.

David and Ashley hear the latest news.



Elizabeth on the ferry to Friday Harbor.

We took a ferry trip to explore Friday Harbor.


Homes along the shoreline.

The woods, bays and homes along the shoreline are a fascinating part of the San Juan Islands.


Coming into Friday Harbor.

Coming into the dock of Friday Harbor.


A cottage on Friday Harbor.

An old wooden house in Friday Harbor.


Window display.

Odds and ends in a window.



Ready to leave Friday Harbor.

Waiting for the ferry to move away from Friday Harbor.



Future of Flight photo.

We spent another day touring the Future of Flight museum and doing a tour inside Boeing's factory where they build 747s, 777s and 787s.


With Flo at dinner.

The visit was capped with a Lasagne dinner, which included more time with Grandma Flo.


The End