Title- Riding the Darrington Loop


Spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, and on this first week in May, 2013, I decided to ride the "Darrington Loop" from Anacortes, WA. This 150 mile circuit takes me from Anacortes south and east to the tiny town of Darrington, nestled against big mountains of the Cascade Range. I go north to the Sauk and Skagit rivers, and then ride a little used two lane road along the south side of the Skagit River and finally back home.





An orchard coming to life as I approach Darrington.


Sauk River

The Sauk River, shortly before it adds its snow melt to the Skagit River.


Concrete and Sauk Valley Road

I pick up the road which will run me west, along the south side of the Skagit River.


Skagit River


The Skagit River is know for Steelhead, Salmon and big Bald Eagles.


Skagit Valley

Spring has brought vivid color to the Skagit Valley.


Cattle in the Skagit Valley


Contented cattle.



South Skagit Highway


The lightly used South Skagit Highway.


The End






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