This year went by quickly, but we are blessed to reflect back on a year that was filled with family and friends. Our extended family included a new granddaughter, Lauren, and a new grandniece, Lucy. The other kids in the family all gained a year and exhibited more complex personalities. It happens every year, but it is fun to watch the mosaic change and evolve.


Don and Lauren

Joining us this year is granddaughter Lauren.

Kate at Washington Park

Granddaughter Kate is proud to be a three year old.

Eric, Irene, Kate and Lauren

Eric and Irene on their family visit this summer.

Corey at the microscope

Corey is now meeting with his thesis advisors and is into the latter throws of his PhD program. He loves research and is pondering the direction he might go when this program is over. His latest after school passion is rock climbing and a nearby gym offers plenty of challenge.



Mike and Kathy with the kids

Mike (Pat's brother) and Kathy came down from Vancouver while Eric and Irene were here. They were a big hit with the kids.



Flo with Leah and Michelle

During our Easter gathering, Great Grandmother Flo enjoyed engaging with Leah and Michelle. Since then, Flo's Parkinson's has advanced somewhat and she is increasingly bedridden.



We kicked off the year with a family cruise in the Western Caribbean. Sadly, many of our ports were badly hit by the recent hurricane.


Pat's birthday

A significant milestone was Pat celebrating her seventh decade. In our local extended family, we call this particular group the "Adults."


A family tradition has been to go camping at Winthrop in the summer. Here I join brother-in-law Ed,and nephew Jon as we cool off in the Methow River. Taco is seldom seen at rest.

Reuniion Cleveland

In September we had a reunion of the senior alumni of Morrison Academy, the high school I attended in Taiwan. We always have fun remembering our unique experiences, and a Chinese banquet is usually involved.

Loren and Don Mexico City

Two weeks ago I took a trip to Mexico City for a long weekend on invitation of high school friend, Loren. I found an interesting and complex city, but four days provided only a glimpse.

Don & Pat Portrait


We thank the Lord for the year we've had. May we all have wisdom, patience, love and joy in the year ahead.

Don and Pat Webster