Family and friends converged on the island town of Anacortes, Washinton from places as diverse as Massachusetts and Southern California. The occasion was to celebrate the wedding of Tim and Christina, who met at a birthday party some seven months earlier. The service was performed at the Anacortes Baptist Church, and officiated by Reverend Eduard Moehl.

Friends and Family Text.


Friends and relatives visit one another and the Wedding audience arrives.


With kids

Sonia, Callum and Sabina await the occasion.


Young wedding party with iPad.

Members of the bridal party carefully review their role on an iPad. Well, maybe not.


Tim gets final words from his mother.

One can only imagine a Mother's warm words as she witnesses her son's wedding day.



Don and Pat in the decorated sanctuary.

Don and Pat, friends to both Tim and Christina, pose in the decorated sanctuary.



Pastor Ed reviews his notes.

Pastor Ed makes a final review of his notes.



Eric with uncles

Eric, brother of the groom, with family members.


Leah, flower girl.

Leah, the Flower Girl, focuses and carbo-loads for the task ahead.


Tim with uncle.

Tim with Uncle Marvin. Five hours sleep in the previous three nights are visible, pre-ceremony.


Three relatives

Relatives of the Father of the Bride.


Conner learns to wear a tie.

A glimse at the future as Conner dons his first tie.