Text, friends and family continued.

Zach and JJ

Zach and JJ wait for the ceremony.

Jen and Chase.

Jennifer and Floral Escort, Chase, enjoy the occasion.


chase and Isaac get a drink of lemonade.

Chase and Isaac enjoy some free refreshments. Myrna, the Wedding Planner, helps out.



Tammy and Marty.

Tammy and Marty, married just a year earlier, come to celebrate with their friends, Tim and Christina.

Text, The Bridal Party

Bridesmaids scrambling to be ready.

Attending the last details before taking the aisle.

Text, The Bridal Party

Karmen and Linnea

Linnea and Karmen take a pause.


Bridesmaids pose.

Ashley, sister of the bride, Linnea, Karmen and Juliet, mother of the bride, and Maci, Ashley's daughter, strike a quick pose.


The bride encourages her younger attendants.

Christina, the bride, encourages her younger attendants, Michelle and Megan.


Groomsmen entering.

The groomsmen enter the sanctuary.


Groomsmen in place.

Eric, Tims's brother, is Best Man, then Eric's son, Isaac, Edward, Ashley's husband and brother-in-law to the bride, John, Joe and JJ.



The procession begins.

Bridesmaids Aleksandra, Linnea, Darlene, Karmen, Megan and Maid of Honor/sister, Ashley are in place.


Greg escorts his daughter down the aislt.

Greg escorts his daughter down the aisle.

The father of the bride lifts back the veil.

Father lifts Christina's veil.