Pictures from a Carnival cruise.

Avalon Harbor, Santa Catalina Island

Pat and I joined my brother Sam, his wife, Debryn, and their two year old, Kaizen, on a recent four day cruise aboard Carnival Ecstasy which left from Long Beach and traveled to Santa Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico.  I thought it would be fun to put up a few pictures to provide a sense of what the cruise was like. 

While we did not use Carnival's bus transportation for getting from the airport to the ship, we did use it for returning to the airport and found it very convenient and cost effective.  I would recommend booking their transportation.  


Porters met us at the pier and whisked away our luggage for a small tip.  It was at the door to our room when we got onboard.  Check in procedures were very efficient.  Our documents were checked, a credit card swiped, and a new shipboard card was given which acted both as a charge card and identification while on the ship.  We were checked in and on board the ship within 20 minutes.

Immediately before departure, we had a lifeboat drill, which gave us a chance to meet some of our fellow passengers.  Soon after, the ship's whistle blew, and we were on our way.



We sat at the main dinner seating, which was at 6:15, in the forward of two large dining rooms.  We had a tuxedo clad waiter and waitress for our table; they only served two other tables for that seating.  Michael was from the Philippines, and Cristina was from Lithuania, and they were both professional, attentive and fun.

We usually had a choice of four appetizers; you could order all four if you wanted.  These included things like shrimp cocktail, escargot, melon and proschutto, mushrooms prepared in various exotic ways, and stuffed pastries.  There were usually two soups, including things like chilled gazpacho, baked French onion soup, or a chilled strawberry soup.  One also had the choice of at least two salads.

There was usually a choice of four main entrees, including things like rack of lamb with mint jelly, lobster tail in shell, beef wellington, usually a pasta which was invariably cooked al dente, and always a vegetarian choice, such as a spicy Indian curry.  




Midnight Buffet


Food was continuously available from early morning until 1:00 AM.  In addition to the dining rooms, a casual buffet was open much of the time on the stern of the ship.  Hamburgers and pizza were served continually near the pool.  Each evening there was a midnight buffet.  The second night out, was the gala buffet, which was exotic to the extreme and included 1,500 pounds of ice carvings.  

There was a show each night after dinner.  Two of these were cabaret shows with a live band and costumed dancers.  The other two shows involved comedians and a juggler, with some of the funniest comedy I've heard in awhile, and quite clean.

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