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French Maid

French Maid pulls into the mooring at Leverick Bay.

We spent the morning at TheBitter End hitting the beach, or snorkeling. Both sides of Pelican Island have coral reefs which face the Atlantic and we tried them both. They have some Staghorn Coral and Brain Coral, but much of the reef is dead and covered with algae. Despite that, there are plenty of reef fish, including some sizeable Parrot Fish. On the west side of Pelican Island, we entered the water backwards off of the dingy and found ourselves in about five feet of water atop a huge pile of conch shells. This must have been a fisherman dumping ground for many years and most of the shells were covered in grass and algae. It is illegal for tourists to take any souvenirs from the water, so we resisted the urge to find some nice specimens.

In the afternoon, we motored over to Leverick Bay and at dinner time rendezvoused ashore. After exploring yet another Pussers, we climbed into our arranged taxi and went up the mountain, through the town of local residents, to "Hog Heaven BBQ." On the drive, I was able to ask the driver about living in Leverick Bay. The high school has about 150 students. Its sports include basketball, soccer and cricket; the matches require that athletes to be shuttled around the islands. Many of the students are able to get scholarships to universities in the U.S. and England. All BVI residents are citizens of Great Britain.


Leverick Bay

Leverick Bay


Pussers at Leverick Bay

Pussers Restaurant at Leverick Bay


Pusser stairway.

A stairway going up to a lookout.


Jumbies are stilt-walkers, part of an African drum dance.


Condos at Leverick Bay

Colorful condos back up to the hill.


A crowded dingy.

"French Maid arriving." Maritime law allows no more than 12 people in a two man raft, provided, of course, that at least half of them are standing.


Formal photo

Deck hands of Syros and French Maid, all scrubbed up.



We start up the hill on the main road through town.


Virgin Gorda roads

Roads on the islands are curvy and steep. The good news is that most homes on this islands have a view.


The driver points out South Sound.

Our driver pointed out South Sound, a great snorkeling bay seldom used by tourists. It is a protected bay which fills with boats when a hurricane comes through.


Fay enjoys the view from Hog Heaven.

Hog Heaven is windy, but the view and BBQ make holding your hat worth it.


The view from Hog Heaven

Looking down on North Sound from Hog Heaven. Leverick Bay is in the foreground, and The Bitter End in the background.


BBQ at Hog Heaven.

Cooking the ribs at Hog Heaven.

The Windjammer in North Sound.

As darkness fell, a Windjammer cruise ship anchored in North Sound.


Hog Heaven Bar

The proprietor is friendly and accommodating. The BBQ was good, but the sides, especially the potato salad, were exceptional.