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Title- Jost Van Dyke, Great Harbor

Soper's Point

Leaving Soper's Hole, we sailed past the western end of Tortola Island. This vacation complex is for sale.

In the morning, we left Soper's Hole and proceeded north to Jost Van Dyke Island. This was only an hour's journey, and we anchored in the suitably protected bay of Great Harbour. I wanted exercise and found Fay and Anita of like mind, so we decided to climb the hill behind Great Bay. It was about 45 minutes to the summit, and we enjoyed increasingly spectacular views as we went up. BB and Fay said that we should not miss the buffet at Foxy's, so we made reservations and all of us enjoyed excellent BBQ in an open air setting.


Approaching Great Harbor

Approaching Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke Island. Anita, Fay and I would later climb to the top of the hill on the right.


Great harbor beach

A greeting on the beach.


Anita and Kim pose at Great Harbor.

Anita and Kim.


Anita walking shoes.

Anita puts on her walking shoes in front of one of many pubs on the beach.


A Methodist church in Great Bay.

A Methodist Church in Great Bay.


Bannana Tree

A banana tree with its stubby bananas.

Rocky Trail above Great Harbor

The steep, rocky trail to the summit above Great Harbour.


Wild goats

We were told that there were lots of wild goats on the islands, and indeed we passed two families of them on the climb.


Fay and Anita on summit

We rest and enjoy the view near the summit.


Looking down on Great Harbor

Looking down on Great Harbour. St. Johns Island, U.S. Virgin Islands, is the large island in the background.


Descending back down.

The descent back down.

Waiting for a dingy.

Waiting for the dingy.


Foxy's restaurant.

The largest restaurant at Great Bay is Foxy's, an outdoor restaurant known for it's BBQ.


Foxy's wait for reservation time.

A failure to communicate lead us to arriving for our dinner reservation two hours early, so we made good use of the time as we waited for the French Maid crew.


A hammock at Foxy's.

On vacation, tiny indulgences are appropriate.


BBQ smoke at Foxy's.

The BBQ buffet featured ribs, chicken and fresh fish, helped with considerable smoke.



As we finished eating, interesting clouds moved in on the sunset. That night a full on gale blew , spinning our boat on it's mooring like a toy.