The famed Maloney-Schmitke
Breakfast Picnic
August 2009
Early morning Salmon fishing on the Columbia River.
Heather Schmitke and Laura Hossler; serious breakfast fragrance.
The guys, as usual, talking babies.  Grant Schmitke, Bob Maloney and Glenn Schmitke.
Father-daughter moment. Eric and Hailey Hossler.


Joyce Maloney and Pat Webster bringing out some good stuff.

Denise and Richard on the right, with niece, Elizabeth and Richard's parents, Bonnie and Clyde.

Mother and Daughter moment; Evelyn Washer with daughter, Ginny Maloney.
Three generations of Schmitkes.  Delcine, Grant, Judah, Glenn, Titus and Heather.
Worth the wait.
The Hosslers.  From top, Hailey, Eric, Laura and Morgan.
Log cabin at the park.
Eric checking out the creek.

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