title- guests


Table 1

Table 4: John and Midge, Ivan and Vickie


Table 1a

Table 4a: Ivan and Vickie, Chris and Nichole, and Beth


Table 2

Table 8: On left, Terry (manager at Natalia's company)and his wife, and on his left, Natalia's coworker, Krystle. On the right facing camera is Leila, coworker with Hans for 20 years, and to her right, partner Michelle.




Table 2a

Table 8a: Joe (Natalia's immediate supervisor) and his wife on left, and Terry (manager) and his wife on the right.


Table 3

Table 9: Cheryl, Gina and her two daughters, Ralph and Melonie.


Table 4

Table 13: Emily and husband, Daniel.


Table 5

Table 10: Eric's softball team. Mr and Mrs. Christianson, Mr. and Mrs. Frazee, Mr. and Mrs. Holm, Christian and Christina.


Table 5a

Table 10a: Facing the table, Kylie and Mogie , Cora and Jordan, and Taylor.


Table 6

Table 6: Sean, Molly and Evan (traveled fromOregon), Amela and Stan, Kendall, Colin, Justin.


Table 7

Table 7: Chip (father of Sydney, bridesmaid), Jake and Misty (son and mother), Steve, Chloe, and Paulie.


Table 8

Table 11: Mike, Cory, Eric, Gaby, Kaden (son), Davidi, Vicky, Sarah(her husband Nick isn't pictured).


Table 8a

Table 11a: Sarah, Mike, Cory, Eric, Gaby, Kaden (son), David (hidden), Lalli, and Vicky.


Table 10

Table 12: Eric's coworkers, Luke and his wife, Carlos and his wife, Mark, Shaun and his wife, Todd and his wife.


Table 10a

Table 12a: Carlos & Diana (Eric's boss, Sr. Director of IT), Mark, Luke and Megan (Luke is Eric's direct supervisor), Todd and Kristen , Shaun & Chelsea, and Lucy (their daughter hiding).



Table 11

Table 9: Kevin and Cheryl, Gina and daughters, and Ralph and Melonie (back to the camera).


Title- The End

by Don Webster